Here at Bulk Hackers, we interview bodybuilders, personal trainers and fitness heroes. We ask them to share their stories and how they grew themselves in the gym, how they started out, how they train, how they eat and much more.

The stories we share are inspiring and provides great, specific hacks for improving your training, your muscle gain and your health.

When you read the interviews, you learn directly from the best people from all over the world.

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Behind Bulk Hackers

The main person behind Bulk Hackers is Mads Phikamphon. I founded the site in 2019 and you can read my interview here.

My fitness journey started all the way back in 2010 when I made a bet with my friend about who could get a sixpack the fastest. I won the bet by loosing 7.2 kg (15.9 lbs) in 15 days.

Since then, I have trained various sports and lately been a regular at the gym at work. I’m currently clocking in at a bit more than 93 kg (205 lbs), which is a bit on the edge when I also want to perform at running and climbing.

If you have some questions or comments about Bulk Hackers, you contact me here.

To run the site, I get help from Laarni Tadeo. You might therefore end up talking with her instead of me.

How to get featured

Send me an email if you want to get featured on Bulk Hackers.

Remember to write 2-3 lines about yourself and your accomplishments in your email.

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Illegal and performance-enhancing substances

Bulk Hackers do not support the use of steroids and other illegal substances.

Stay strong and work harder instead of using stupid stuff.

Photos and illustrations

Where possible, we are embedding photos from the Instagram accounts of the people we interview. In the interviews, you can click the embedded images to see the photos on Instagram, comment and start following.

Photos that aren’t from Instagram have been supplied by the people we interview. We ask the people we interview only to supply their own photos and/or photos they have permission to let us publish.

No photos/illustrations have been “found” on the Internet.

We try our best to give credit to the photographers who have taken the photos. Please contact me if you think we are missing proper crediting here on the Bulk Hackers site and/or on our social media channels.

I’ll be happy to fix such issues, so you get proper credit.


First of all, Bulk Hackers do not provide medical advice, treatment or diagnosis.

If necessary (i.e. if you aren’t 100% sure what you are doing), always consult a qualified professional before changing your diet, changing your training, joining a gym, taking supplements, etc.

The content of Bulk Hackers is for informational and educational purposes only. It’s not intended as medical advice and it’s not intended to replace relationships with qualified professionals (healthcare professionals, gym trainers, etc.).

It’s your life and your responsibility that you don’t hurt yourself, people around you, your health, your finances and everything else around you.

You cannot bug, sue or otherwise annoy Bulk Hackers, the company and people behind Bulk Hackers etc. if something goes wrong because of your visit to Bulk Hackers and your use of the site.

You can also not bug, sue or otherwise annoy Bulk Hackers, the company and people behind Bulk Hackers etc. if you or someone else do something stupid because of your visit to Bulk Hackers and your use of the site.

I my best to keep things updated and correct, but mistakes happen. Please contact me if you find something that doesn’t make sense.

Bulk Hackers is run by the Danish company Phikamphon (CVR 29093679) and operate under Danish law.

Privacy Policy

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