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We have talked with 149 athletes who mention alcohol.

Yasubey Enomoto
Yasubey Enomoto (male, 36)
How I Train to Win World Championships in MMA and Muay Thai
I drink gingertea with honey. No alcohol as it does not support my job, and no coffee as I never got into it somehow.
Katie Sampayo
Katie Sampayo (female, 28)
How I Quit My 9-5 to Become a Thriving Fitness Nomad
Ideally I’m only drinking alcohol 1-2 days a week maximum and I’m limiting the amount of sugar I eat each day.
Connan Murray
Connan Murray (male, 28)
How Rugby Got Me into Fitness and Running My Own Gym
I don’t drink alcohol much at all, but I will schedule time to go out with my friends and I’ll plan my calories around junk food and social drinking.
Wayne Bester
Wayne Bester (male, 32)
How I Work as a Dancer and Run the Biggest Dance Convention in South Africa
My wife and I don’t drink alcohol at all.
Eleni Quartana
Eleni Quartana (female, 26)
How I Overcome a Serious Injury and Got Back to Dancing
Protocol10 MSM & Glucosamine Fish oil Power B I like to eat well but I never miss the sweets. I don’t like to drink coffee and I rarely drink alcohol.
Ofentse Boloko
Ofentse Boloko (male, 28)
How I Went from Pro Rugby Player to South African Muscle Model Champion
As for coffee/tea or alcohol, yes, I believe life is all about balance and self control.
Okurut George
Okurut George (male, 26)
I'm a Yoga Instructor. This is How I Introduce Yoga in the Slums of Uganda
I am not a fan of coffee and alcohol, I do take it once in the while when I am with friends and I take enough, but not too much which will stop me to practice the next day.
Hedda Liukkala
Hedda Liukkala (female, 29)
How I Got into Circus Training and Became a Cyr Wheel Artist
Equally the past few years I have sort of dropped out of the habit of drinking alcohol. I still do enjoy beer or a drink, and sometimes more than just one, but I don’t have a craving for that.
Caio Tamura
Caio Tamura (male, 33)
How I Became a Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Professor in Australia
Coffee is my boost in the morning and after lunch. Alcohol is not my thing. I go out and have a social drink, but it does not fit in my training routine.
Uracha Teerawanitsan
Uracha Teerawanitsan (female, 27)
How Crossfit Has Made Me the Fittest Woman in Thailand
I’m obsessed with coffee. I really love coffee. I’m ok with tea, lemon tea is my go-to. I don’t drink alcohol because I simply just don’t like it.
Steve Silver
Steve Silver (male, 67)
How I Stayed Fit and Strong after Serious Powerlifting Injuries
I have reduced my alcohol intake to a rare pint of Guinness, a shot of Irish whiskey or a glass of red wine.
Maeve Kavanagh
Maeve Kavanagh (female, 29)
How I Stay Strong and Fit Without Having to Suffer and Do Endless Cardio
I aim to get in lots more volume while I’m dieting, so lots of salads, veggies, oats etc. I also don’t drink alcohol at all on prep, and I’m really not a big drinker on off season either, I just can’t handle hangovers, they get me really bad!
Esther Chen
Esther Chen (female, 34)
How I Became a Full-time Competitive Pole Dancer
I drink coffee and an occasional glass of wine.
Jermaine Wright
Jermaine Wright (male, 32)
I'm a Competitive Skateboarder. This is How Fitness Helps Me Avoid Injuries
Yes, yes, yes I love drinking coffee, tea, and my girlfriend is french so we share a bottle of wine a couple of times a week.
Lailla Sena
Lailla Sena (female, 31)
How My Beach Town Childhood Lead Me to Working in Fitness
I drink lots of green tea. Alcohol is no longer present in my life, unless is a special occasion.
Manu Arora
Manu Arora (male, 29)
How I Focus My Training in Order to Balance Fitness with Professional Life
For me alcohol is just like an add-on to the social gathering. I stay in my limits of 2 drinks and try to enjoy the party more a human way than an alcoholic.
Daniel Barbeau
Daniel Barbeau (male, 28)
How I Combine the Army with Running a Personal Training Business
I try not to put anything in my body that is not going to be conducive to the goal I am trying to reach. Like for example I do not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes and I think that pays dividends to my health.
Amanda Cartner
Amanda Cartner (female, 56)
How I Biohack to Stay the Best Version of Myself at 56 and Beyond
I’ve been vegetarian for most (but not all) of my adult life. I don’t drink alcohol or coffee.
Jamie Maynard
Jamie Maynard (female, 33)
How I Got into Crossfit, Became Fit and Never Looked Back
My husband and I do eat out a lot but I tend to get salads and chicken meals. I usually do not consume a lot of alcohol, but with quarantine, we have been having a glass or two of wine with dinner every night.
Jessica Sanki
Jessica Sanki (female, 38)
I Have Been in CrossFit for 8 Years. This Is How I Train and Compete
I don’t drink alcohol except 2 to 3 times/year.
Joanna Zwierzynska
Joanna Zwierzynska (female, 34)
I'm a Brazilian Zouk Dancer. This is How Fitness Made Me Stronger After a Hip Surgery
When I go out I eat everything. I love food so for some special occasions I just enjoy whatever I feel like. I love wine too!
Barbora Labidi
Barbora Labidi (female, 32)
I'm a Strongwoman Competitor. This is How I Became Strong and Powerful
I don’t drink alcohol at all but I love coffee.
Katherine Petronaci
Katherine Petronaci (female, 35)
I'm an International Pole Athlete. This is How I Went from Pole Teaching to Winning Competitions
I drink a lot of water and my main vices are club soda and coffee. I do drink alcohol but no smoking or drug use.
Jérôme Prun
Jérôme Prun (male, 21)
I'm a Blogger, Model, and Coach. This is How I Improve My Self Confidence with Fitness
We have only one life and I think we should all accept that we can’t control all the time. For bodybuilders that need an “aesthetic perfection” I understand no exception but on a daily basis and for a more “normal perspective” I think we all need to accept to not be perfect on diet all the time so once or twice per week with friends and alcohol is not a problem but recommended I think.
Lulu Rentie
Lulu Rentie (female, 31)
No Excuses. This Is How I Worked out Every Day of My Pregnancy
I very rarely drink, I just don’t think fitness and alcohol go together.
Kerry Chuang
Kerry Chuang (female, 24)
I'm a Hairstylist, Makeup Artist and Model. This is How Fitness Makes My Life Better
For my drinks, I only have soft drinks when it’s my absolute last choice or if i need a chaser for alcohol. While we’re on the topic, I love alcohol but I’m a simple person and just like to drink liquor straight.
Emmanuela Pintus
Emmanuela Pintus (female, 45)
This Is How I Have Combined Yoga and Bodybuilding for 15+ Years
I’ll try to cycle my coffee as I don’t wanna get too addicted to caffeine. So I’ll give myself a few weeks of no caffeine every couple months. I rarely drink alcohol but I do enjoy it on occasion.
Nelsi Pamela
Nelsi Pamela (female, 30)
How I Work as a Full-time Personal Trainer While Taking My NASM CPT Certification
This proportion will depend on OFF days and training days, when I have an event out of my routine, I try to fast, or at most 2 to 3 meals, I stay hydrated. I do not drink alcohol.
Jo Dowson
Jo Dowson (female, 35)
How I Keep Going Despite Scoliosis and Major Setbacks
You are what you eat they say, so make sure you are eating healthy at least 80% of the time, drink a lot of water, cut down on alcohol and keep up the training consistently and you will see the results.
Kayla Kleinman
Kayla Kleinman (, 29)
How I Combine My Work in Fitness with Being a Wellness Blogger
I’ve never been a big alcohol drinker, maybe a drink with dinner or brunch on the weekends but that’s about it.
Ilez Badurgov
Ilez Badurgov (male, 31)
How I Got Into a World of Movies After Years of Tiring Training
If some social event I attend to serves food that I don’t like, I will try to find something that I can eat. Coffee not much, tea every morning, alcohol never.
Andi Bañez
Andi Bañez (female, 30)
How I Moved from Dancing to Yoga and Became a Full-Time Yoga Teacher
I drink coffee almost everyday but I take it black. Tea also just the tea, no sugar or milk. Alcohol too. But I drink a LOT of water to make up for all of them.
Fa Biente
Fa Biente (male, 28)
I'm a Lifestyle, Travel and Fitness Influencer. How I Went from Overweight to Fit
I anticipate injuries by warming up for 10 minutes before each training. You must adapt your diet and rest well to avoid injury. I avoid drinking alcohol, and I sleep minimum of eight hours.
Nacor Puig Nuñez
Nacor Puig Nuñez (male, 28)
I'm a Spartan Race Winner. This is How I Eat, Train and Maintain Mobility
I drink coffee everyday. I used to drink tea. I drink alcohol only a few times a year.
Meaghan Faragasso
Meaghan Faragasso (female, 39)
How Fitness Transformed Both My Body and My Life
I like brunch. I make good choices. I arrange what I call “treat” meals around my social calendar. I drink coffee, tea and occasionally, wine.
Assane Diop
Assane Diop (male, 27)
How I Started Powerlifting After Dealing with Sciatica Pain
I stay lean the whole year so that any season I’m ready to shoot or to fight, I do not differentiate off season, bulking season… and not drinking alcohol at all helps with that, I have a pretty healthy diet overall.
Krzysztof Ćwiertnia
Krzysztof Ćwiertnia (male, 29)
How I Build Muscle Mass Despite Having a Fast Metabolism
I have no problem with going to the club or going out with friends, we love playing but we normally do not drink alcohol. However, when I have severe hunger attacks, I would try to have drinks with sweeteners.
Helga Gudmundsdottir
Helga Gudmundsdottir (female, 45)
This Is How I'll Maintain My Sixpack Until Age 70
I also just take some vitamins, Omega-3 and D-vitamin. I don´t track my meals really. I´m not a bodybuilder so I´m just in a balanced healthy diet in general. I drink wine occasionally as well.
Austin Dotson
Austin Dotson (male, 28)
I'm a Hybrid Athlete and Influencer. This is How I Stay Fit After Football Retirement
In other words, I don’t consume alcohol, candy, and I do not smoke. We only have a lack of energy when our bodies are lacking fuel and rest.
Christopher Melancon
Christopher Melancon (male, 23)
I'm a Bodybuilding Coach. This is How I Lost 15 Pounds in Four Weeks
I drink socially on the weekends with friends and I do not think that people need to completely demonize alcohol the way many bodybuilders and fitness fanatics in general do.
Francesca Esker
Francesca Esker (female, 33)
How Fitness and Bodybuilding Helped Me Win 4 Muscle Beach Trophies
I had to cut back coffee because my doctor said on one of my worst days ever that I had high blood pressure. Only 1 cup of coffee, herbal tea all day for my vocal cords and not buying wine for my cupboards help me make wiser decisions.
Paola Anastasi
Paola Anastasi (female, 49)
I'm a Model and Actress. This is How I Eat, Train and Compete at 49
When there are occasions when I cannot follow my diet, I try to eat low-calorie foods, no wine and no sweets. If I am in a friend’s house, I take my meal so as not to interrupt my diet.
Daniel Zagorski
Daniel Zagorski (male, 21)
How I Balance My Day Job with Training Six times a Week
I’m a serial coffee drinker but I drink black coffee so it’s not an issue for me. Though to cut down on my caffeine intake, I have challenged myself to drink a litre of water per cup of coffee I drink. I don’t drink alcohol often – it’s kind of like throwing all your hard work down the drain when you do.
Marina Vishniakova
Marina Vishniakova (female, 33)
I'm a Pole and Aerial Arts Instructor. This is How I Eat, Train and Condition My Body
I have to admit though that I love sweets and pastry so I have to control myself under that subject. I do not count calories because I do not need to. I do drink coffee, but not more than three times per day, and I completely avoid alcohol.
Janusz Kania
Janusz Kania (male, 25)
I'm a Powerlifting Coach. This is How I Plan My Powerlifting Competition Comeback
I eat what I want but I am mindful of my calorie intake and my training demands. I don’t drink alcohol, and I don’t take caffeine outside of competitions.
Kwesi Orr
Kwesi Orr (male, 37)
I'm an Entrepreneur Bodybuilder. This is How I Eat and Train to Become Awesome
I don’t drink alcohol anymore and I try to limit my sugar and caffeine intake — I must confess that love snacks, please don’t judge me!). Food is the best supplement you can buy. I eat to grow and to stay lean. It’s just a matter of what you eat and when to accomplish the current goal.
Hulda Waage
Hulda Waage (female, 35)
I'm a Vegan Powerlifter. This is My Plan to Become World Champion
I do drink wine and beer sometimes but it’s very rare nowadays. I might get couple of drinks after I compete but when I am getting ready and in season I don’t want to drink because it affects my sleep, I guess.
Chiara Basile
Chiara Basile (female, 22)
How Fitness Made Me Love Myself Again and Discover the New Me
I love coffee. I learned to drink it bitter so I can drink as many as I want. I consume alcohol in really minimal quantities, I never drink it at dinner, it only happens on my birthday or some party in particular if nothing, water!
Anna Rose Bain
Anna Rose Bain (female, 35)
How Crossfit Made Me Discover True Health, Strength and Endurance
Today I’m doing better than ever! I just finished a 21-day detox (no sugar of any kind, alcohol, or processed foods) and was able to prove to myself that I can stick to a program without cheating (!).
Ifakharen Yassine
Ifakharen Yassine (male, 27)
How Training Helped Me to Overcome Being Born with a Congenital Disorder
I’m not really a party person but consuming alcohol occasionally doesn’t disturb my program.
Ali Burkhardt
Ali Burkhardt (female, 27)
This is How Bodybuilding Saved Me After Struggling Anorexia
I personally don’t feel the need for alcohol anymore. There was a time where I would indulge a tiny bit on weekends to let loose and have fun with girlfriends.
Mario Impens
Mario Impens (male, 36)
This is How I Competed in Both National and International Shows
And If I want to drink a beer or wine in the evening I will, only when I’m preparing for a contest I don’t have this flexibility and will leave these drinks out.
Victoria Brady
Victoria Brady (female, 32)
I'm a Certified Personal Trainer. This is How I Went from 275 to 155 Pounds
I also eliminated sodas, juice and alcohol from my diet (I do enjoy wine from time to time) and began drinking half my bodyweight in ounces everyday (for example, at 250lbs I was drinking 125 ounces of water).
Antonio Laborte
Antonio Laborte (male, 21)
I'm a Weightlifting Coach. This is How Fitness and Sports Impact My Life
I use to be a Gatorade junkie and definitely drank my fair share of alcohol growing up. I would say I’ve gone away from both, rarely doing either. I tend to just stick with water nowadays. I was never a big soda person and sweets were nice but never had real cravings or a sweet tooth.
Alec Enkiri
Alec Enkiri (male, 31)
I'm a Strength Coach and Personal Trainer. This is How I Came Back Stronger After a Hip Injury
I drink alcohol socially, just a nice whiskey or vodka either neat or on the rocks, and I don’t go overboard with it. I don’t drink beer or cocktails and I never mix my alcohol with anything as the double whammy of alcohol plus the sugary concoctions everyone mixes their alcohol into is probably one of the worst combinations you could consider drinking.
Jennifer Reece
Jennifer Reece (female, 42)
I'm an IFBB Figure Competitor. This is How Bodybuilding Gave Me Transformative Evolutions
I focus on clean healthy non-processed foods. I don’t count calories or macros but I do eat at specific times of day. I always try to have my breakfast after my fasted cardio and don’t drink alcohol very often. When I do it is usually at Christmas and I will also take the opportunity to indulge in cheesecake and pizza as well.
Francesca Guacci
Francesca Guacci (female, 25)
This is How I Became a Fitness Addict and Got My Fitness Model Body Shape
I also love reading (I can’t live without books), going to clubs to dance with my friends, going to the beach to swim in the sea and to sunbathe, and travelling. I’d like to have more fit addicted friends, because here where I live most people love to eat and drink alcohol and they are so lazy.
Goran Borkovic
Goran Borkovic (male, 32)
How I Made a Remarkable Comeback to Bodybuilding After a Serious Motorcycle Accident
When I talk about diet plan, that’s what scares a lot of people. Especially when I say NO ALCOHOL. Everybody stay there shocked, already want to give up, just like I cut off oxygen for them. But that’s how it is.
Simone Collins
Simone Collins (female, 33)
I'm a Vegan Bodybuilder. This is How I Eat, Train and Compete
I drink coffee but not excessively, I like the taste so I also have decaf so I’m no overdoing the caffeine. I love it with almond milk. I drink alcohol occasionally when I’m not in prep.
Terry Tomlin
Terry Tomlin (male, 29)
How I Keep Moving Towards My Fitness Goals After a Total Car Crash
I rarely drink alcohol nor do I drink coffee. On social occasions, I drink water instead of alcohol or sugary sodas and snacks.
Olivia Eze
Olivia Eze (female, 26)
How I Stopped Eating Junk Food and Became a Fit Personal Trainer
When it comes to diet, I am very strict about what I eat. I don’t drink alcohol and water is my favorite drink.
Caitlin Rice
Caitlin Rice (female, 28)
This Is How I Found My Calling Through Fitness
I started doing a bit of cardio and a lot of partying! I was eating again but not very healthfully. I gained 15 pounds and was what I call “skinny fat.” I had no muscle definition and a little belly from all the alcohol and bad food I was consuming. I decided it was time to turn things around. I stopped going out on the weekends and stopped partying.
Maya Nassar Maalouf
Maya Nassar Maalouf (female, 33)
How I Train to Become an International Fitness Model Champion
Since I started clean eating, I no longer have any cravings for sugar. I don’t drink any alcohol and only drink water or tea (no coffee).
Rashid Zirak
Rashid Zirak (male, 38)
I'm a Strength and Conditioning Coach. This is How I Eat, Train and Play
I never drink alcohol or smoke and my caffeine sensitivity is high so I stay away from alcohol smoke and coffee.
James Anthony Emmerson
James Anthony Emmerson (male, 35)
I'm a Teacher and Model. This is How I Maintain My Six-Pack Abs All Year Round
With this energy going to waste, I fell into severe alcohol and drug problems, but once sober, I eventually swapped the bar for the barbell again. I discovered that yes, I was an addict, but I could choose an addiction that had real positive and long-lasting results – fitness.
Alex Serrano
Alex Serrano (male, 24)
I'm an NPC Bodybuilder. This is How I Plan to Become IFBB Pro
As for drinking, I actually do not drink alcohol at all, not for any particular reason that’s bad, but I just personally choose not to. Now on the opposite end of the spectrum I absolutely LOVE coffee, and typically drink about two cups a day, not due to low energy, but just for personal satisfaction.
Allison Vaeth
Allison Vaeth (female, 28)
I'm an IFBB Bikini Pro. How I Train People to Become Successful in the Bodybuilding World
In social situations, as long as I am not in prep, I enjoy my time out. I love drinking and being out with friends. But in prep, I always bring my meals out and for certain occasions depending on how close I am to a show, I might have a cheat and a drink. Sometimes I will manipulate food for wine but I like eating more LOL.
Hellah Sidibe
Hellah Sidibe (male, 29)
I'm a Personal Speed, Agility and Quickness Trainer. Here's Why I Love Running and Fitness
One of the reasons I wanted to keep running was actually because I have always loved the aesthetic and feel of my on-season soccer body. I wanted that body year round so I don’t bulk and cut, I stay lean the whole year. I don’t drink coffee, tea or alcohol other than the special occasion like a wedding.
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth (female, 20)
I'm a Model, Actress and Personal Trainer. This is How I Eat, Train and Stay Fit
I drink tea and coffee! Not alcohol as such (apart from the odd cocktail with dinner).
Gustavo White
Gustavo White (male, 59)
I'm 59. This Is How Fitness Became a Way of Life
I sometimes have some alcohol, mainly on weekends, but have them with care. Like many other things, I like to enjoy them but don’t like to have it frequently and don’t want it to affect my performance.
Hanah Fjelddahl
Hanah Fjelddahl (female, 23)
How I Became a Pro Ballet Dancer and Now Teach Ballet as a Form of Fitness
The only special thing I do is make sure I work out a little harder on days I know I’ll be going to a party or a night out which typically means I’ll be consuming a few glasses of alcohol and/or junk food.
Joe Seeman
Joe Seeman (male, 28)
How I Made the Leap From Amateur to IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
I never really drink an alcohol with the exception of a drink or two around certain holidays. When going out for social events I don’t find it challenging to avoid eating food that isn’t in my diet. Either I will come prepared with my own food (if it Is appropriate) or I will simply eat before and/or after the event.
Bruno Salgueiro
Bruno Salgueiro (male, 35)
I'm a Professional Stuntman. This Is How I Train to Be Ready for Anything
As for dieting, I have certain rules that I follow, but not too rigid. And everything around it will be a free-for-all. I’ll eat whatever I want and will drink alcohol on weekends, to be honest.
Danielle Natoni
Danielle Natoni (female, 41)
How I Became a Full-time Fitness Professional and Got Featured in Fitness Infomercials
Close to 4 years ago we made the decision to cut out alcohol entirely, and I do not miss drinking at all. I do not drink coffee or tea either, trust me, I have power-packed full of energy anyway!
Fábio Broco
Fábio Broco (female, 35)
How Crossfit Changed My Life and Helped Me Lose 40 Kg
A good thing is that I don’t like drinking alcohol in general. I also don’t drink coffee/tea or anything like that. I pretty much drink water and juice.
Olly Esse
Olly Esse (female, 34)
How I Moved to India and Became a Powerlifter by Day and DJ by Night
Last but not the least, I’m totally alcohol and any other bad habits free, so the only thing that I really love is coffee, and yes, my espresso is the only drug for me.
Sydney Brown
Sydney Brown (female, 28)
How I Started Training as Toddler, Competed Internationally and Became a Pro Gymnast
For the last 5 years, I have stuck to chicken, turkey, and fish for my main source of protein. I like wine and the occasional cocktails when I am out with friends.
Victor Costa
Victor Costa (male)
I'm a Transformation Specialist. Here's How I Build My Muscles Naturally
I don’t eat sugar or drink alcohol so my life is very easy. My body is never in tumult. I enjoy Starbucks coffee and drink it because I like the taste very much.
Michael Fatboyslim
Michael Fatboyslim (male, 26)
How I Became a Leading Online Fitness Transformation Coach and Celebrity Trainer
I drink alcohol 3 or 4 times a year for special occasions, and green tea daily and coffee I couldn’t survive without!
Deniz Saypinar
Deniz Saypinar (female, 25)
How I Trained to Become the First Turkish Woman with IFBB Pro Status
Olimp – I used to work with Olimp. Their products and production systems are so professional and high quality. Universal – I love Universal because their integrations are quite high. BSN – I think their products are high quality and I get results with them. ONT – I like the taste. Granade – for boosters. Well, I already don’t like alcohol and I don’t eat junk food. Once a month I go to a night party to dance, I take core workouts where they make me dance a long time and that’s also cardio for me.
Yaxeni Oriquen
Yaxeni Oriquen (female, 53)
How I Have Trained for 30 Years and Won Both Ms Olympia and the Arnold Classic
I try to keep my body fat under 12% during the year. I take coffee early morning. I drink red wine on the weekend.
Allison Ethier
Allison Ethier (female, 42)
How My Fear of Aging Keeps Me Motivated, Really Fit and Competitive
I don’t crave sweets as I have eliminated sugar from my diet – I do alcohol every now and again, but that is mainly when friends/family come to visit.
Morgan Mitchell
Morgan Mitchell (female, 33)
How Training Makes Me Love the Way I Feel Physically and Mentally
I used to occasionally have a whiskey or a glass of wine until I cut alcohol out completely about a month ago and feel much better for it.
Monique Kabel
Monique Kabel (female, 37)
How I Quit My Career to Become an Elite Pro Trainer and Sports Nutrition Specialist
I do go off the health train once or twice a week and indulge in pizza, tacos, wine, cheese, you know… all that good stuff!
Anita Perry
Anita Perry (female, 64)
How I Work as a Yogi, Author and Educator after 42 Years in Health and Fitness
I allow myself a treat (about 1 square dark chocolate) in moderation. I do not drink alcohol but love my morning cup of coffee. I drink herbal tea for medicinal purposes and at night.
Pat Gilles
Pat Gilles (male, 36)
How I Became a Pro in Fitness, Cycling and Sailing and America's Most Inspiring Trainer
I don’t drink coffee, tea or alcohol. Since I get eight hours of sleep, I don’t find the need for any source to pick me up; therefore, I stay away from coffee and tea.
Stan Efferding
Stan Efferding (male, 52)
I'm the Founder of the Vertical Diet, IFBB Pro and World Record Powerlifter. This How I Eat and Train
I never drink coffee tea or alcohol. I don’t use a meal tracker for my diet or activity level. I tend to eat the same things every day in the same quantities so it’s very easy to track just by writing down the number of meals I eat daily.
Ben Oseman
Ben Oseman (male, 29)
I'm a Weightlifter and Former Martial Arts Fighter. This is How I Keep Getting Stronger and More Fit
I don’t tend to go out often but if I do I limit alcohol intake and usually stick to skinny beers or gin.
Shelby Guillaume
Shelby Guillaume (female, 28)
I'm a CPA IFBB Athlete. This is How I Found My Identity Through Bodybuilding
As I’d go from bulking to cutting carbs steadily drop and food gets more and more basic. I don’t drink alcohol and abstaining completely from bad food is easier for me than small cheats. If I need to bring my own food I will.
Daniela Leccisi
Daniela Leccisi (female, 36)
How I Stay Strong and Compete in Bodybuilding Despite Having Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
I let myself have some alcohol over the weekend (a glass of wine with good food). I’ve never been drunk in my life, I don’t drink as a social thing. As a South Italian I like food more 🙂
Nucia Freitas
Nucia Freitas (female)
I'm a Full Time Bikini Athlete and IFBB Pro. This Is How I Stay Fit in My 40s
I don’t drink any alcohol but I do drink coffee in the morning and tea during the day. I only drink coffee with stevia sweetener.
Josef Rakich
Josef Rakich (male, 28)
I'm an Online Fitness Trainer. This is How I Go for Success on a Global Scale
I don’t drink alcohol and haven’t for the last 7 years.
Lenda Murray
Lenda Murray (female, 57)
How I Kept Going Strong after Winning Ms. Olympia 8 Times
I’ve learned that balance in my diet is essential both to maintain a decent weight and more importantly to control my bodies response to too many carbohydrates, caffeine and alcohol.
Petar Ivancevic
Petar Ivancevic (male, 26)
How Videos Got Me Hooked on Parkour and Bodyweight Training
When It comes to alcohol, I’m not against it. Usually I gather with my friends once in two weeks to hand out and I go for whiskey or beer. I never drink too much, 2-3 beers is more than enough for me.
Markus Kaulius
Markus Kaulius (male, 41)
I'm the Founder of Magnum Nutraceuticals. This Is How I Train, Eat and Recover
Magnum Hard Muscle Builder – for strength, lowering anxiety, cortisol and stress, naturally boosting testosterone and tightening. Magnum Heat – consistently awarded Canada’s Fat Burner of the Year! It’s a true thermogenic, tightening agent, energy booster, fat burner. Magnum E-Brake – for naturally suppressing aromatase and estrogen (the storage hormone) – for tightening up fast, harder, tighter muscles, strength boost, sleep enhancement and hormone balancing. Magnum Fasted Cardio – the perfect fasted cardio supplement – for energy, focus, thermogenic burning, belly tightening and cardio endurance. (Available worldwide in March!) Magnum Thrust – consistently awarded Canada’s Test Booster of the Year! For natural hardening, feeling younger and healthier, sleeping WAY deeper, increasing strength and libido, recovering faster and boosting excitement for lifting! Magnum Mane Brain – unreal Nootropic designed for mental clarity, focus, memory and just being far sharper at work and in the gym. DripFit – workout & sweat intensifier – warms my muscles up, increases blood flow and circulation, pump, sweatiness, internal heat and is super good for my skin! It’s also worth mentioning that my body has significantly improved since I stopped drinking alcohol a few years back. I wish I had stopped long ago.
Viktoriia Voronina
Viktoriia Voronina (female, 25)
How the Death of My Parents Motivated Me to Become a Personal Trainer
I ended up doing everything the opposite of what my parents did. I am a vegan, I exercise daily, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink alcohol.
Tia Blanco
Tia Blanco (female, 22)
I'm a Pro Surfer. This Is How I Train Yoga and Fitness to Improve My Surfing
I have not had alcohol in about a year… I am not against drinking or people who drink, however its personally not my favorite thing to partake in.
Eve Dawes
Eve Dawes (female)
I'm a WBFF Pro Diva. This is How I Combine Bodybuilding with Running My Own Business
I don’t give myself the option not to go. I get dressed and go without thinking about it. It’s not something that needs overthinking, just do it! It’s been a part of my everyday life for as long as I can remember, so it doesn’t matter whether I want to go or not, it’s non negotiable. Plus, I like food and wine!
Matt Karstetter
Matt Karstetter (male, 36)
I'm a Competitive Bodybuilder, Builder of Multiple Gyms and Gym Products. This Is How I Eat, Train and Recover
I don’t drink alcohol much at all and I limit my coffee intake to one cup in the morning. Food is the best supplement you can buy. I eat to grow and to lean out. It’s just a matter of what you eat and when to accomplish the current goal.
Wayne Pickering
Wayne Pickering (male, 72)
I'm 72. This Is How I Focus on Nutrition and Teach People to Get Older and Better
When it comes to coffee, tea and alcohol, I never touch it. I am not a garbage dump with a hairy lid.
Kuba Firkowski
Kuba Firkowski (male, 23)
I'm a Strength and Conditioning Coach. This is What Calisthenics Does to My Body
Alcohol is a trap. I won’t say that I don’t drink at all but I know when and how much I can drink. And that’s not one beer or glass of wine per day.
Valentin Bosioc
Valentin Bosioc (male, 36)
This is How I Became the Most Followed Sports Influencer in Romania
Usually I drink a max of three cups of coffee daily. I don’t drink alcohol (maybe a glass of wine or a beer on really special occasions). I drink lots of water.
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson (male, 53)
I’m a 3x World Champion. This is How I Train to Win 3 More World Championship in The Next 5 Years
I enjoy 2 cups of coffee daily. The first is the morning and second cup before training, because I don’t like pre-work. My coffee is my pre-workout. I am actually allergic to too much caffeine but I really don’t consume alcohol.
Vanya Sakazova
Vanya Sakazova (female, 25)
How I Went from Being Slow and Weak to Stronger, Faster and Better
I can say my diet is quite healthy. I try to eat balanced amounts of everything from meat and dairy to beans and vegetables. However, I avoid caffeine, sugar and alcohol. I don’t smoke as well.
Brittany Noelle
Brittany Noelle (female, 30)
I'm a Luxury Personal Trainer. This Is How I Train, Eat and Compete
If I drink, I still with vodka soda or tequila soda. No sweet drinks or beer. If I really need to lean out then I’ll cut out alcohol completely. I also avoid sugar if I’m cutting.
Allison Fahrenbach
Allison Fahrenbach (female, 35)
I'm a Natural Pro Figure Athlete. This is How I Combine IBD and Bodybuilding
Because my food selections are so consistently nutrient dense, I find I very rarely deal with cravings for junk foods. I also don’t drink so alcohol is never an issue.
Derek Duszynski
Derek Duszynski (male, 37)
Here's My Plan to Get on the Arnold Classic and Olympia Stages Multiple Times
I also don’t ever drink alcohol I used to like to when I was a lot younger, but really don’t see the point anymore – it just makes me feel like shit and my training suffers as well.
Sara Bigatti
Sara Bigatti (female, 28)
How I Went from Sales Consultant to Personal Trainer and Fitness Studio Owner
There is a third passion, maybe also a fourth…I love painting and drawing but I don’t do it enough and I love wine.
Gergo Jonas
Gergo Jonas (male, 33)
I'm a Vegan Strength Coach. This is How I Train to Stay Fit, Strong and Motivated
Parties and alcohol didn’t help either so I decided to change my life completely. I was 28 when I stopped drinking alcohol, fixed my diet, and started serious training.
Jeff Grant
Jeff Grant (male, 36)
I'm a Bit Fitness/Fashion Model. This Is How I Get Featured in Bodybuilding and Fashion Magazines
Other than if I have a big shoot coming up, I typically drink when I go out so that has never been an issue. I do not drink beer though, I drink either vodka/soda or dry wine.
Paul Chelemen
Paul Chelemen (male, 31)
How My Training Changed from Bodybuilding to Functional Movements after I Became a Vegan Father
For almost 6 years, I haven’t drinked any alcohol.
Ashley Gorham
Ashley Gorham (female, 33)
How I Use Fitness to Transform the Quality of My Life Without Any Deprivations
I love wine and will have a glass occasionally, I’m not a big drinker and would rather feel good the day after.
Antjuane Sims
Antjuane Sims (male, 46)
I'm a Plant-based Athlete Who Loves Burpees. This Is How Exercise Fuels My Mind and Body
The only “supplements” I use are B-12 and a green powder. I’ve never taken pre-workout. I don’t do whey protein, and I’ve never done steroids or taken any illegal substances. I don’t even drink alcohol. Lame? No. Gains? YESS!
Brandan Fokken
Brandan Fokken (male, 40)
How I Have Appeared on 31 Fitness Magazine Covers and in over 300 Magazines
I don’t drink alcohol.
Andrew Chappell
Andrew Chappell (male, 32)
I'm a Bodybuilding Scientist. This Is How I Compete in Bodybuilding Shows
I like a glass of wine, I like whisky, cigars and chocolate cake. I don’t binge drink and I don’t binge eat; balance is important. Life’s for living so I’m not going to deprive myself in the off-season. On season is different, but you need to enjoy the off-season, otherwise I don’t think you’ll last very long in this sport.
Asontia Alex
Asontia Alex (male, 29)
How I Went from Bullied Child to Mr. Strength Africa
I train five days a week and on weekends that are my supposed cheat days is when I mostly have showbiz contracts, but on weekends that am free I consider them my cheat days. On days like that I eat three times a day and may have a bottle of beer or a glass of wine or whiskey with friends.
Dave Cunningham
Dave Cunningham (male, 33)
How I Maintain an Impressive Fitness Model Physique after 17 Years of Training
When it comes to alcohol and social drinking, I don’t really drink much anymore. I might have one or two nights out a year where I’ll drink but I can’t handle the hangovers like I used to.
Shelli Beecher-Seitzler
Shelli Beecher-Seitzler (female, 46)
How I Earned My WNBF Fit Body and Masters Figure Pro Cards in Less than Half a Year
However, if I consume simple carbs like bread, desserts or alcohol – my sleeping heart rate jumps to 54 – 60 bpm throughout the night. I love the science of food and the observing the effects measurable via the technology now available!
Nick Staro
Nick Staro (male, 26)
How I Came Back Strong after a Motorcycle Accident and Placed 2nd in Mr. Hellas
If I want to go out for a coffee or to the  movies, I remember to take my meals with me. If I am invited to a party or a special event, I just drink Diet Coke or water. I  am not a fan of alcohol so I do not like to party at night and get wasted. I only drink a glass of wine every New Year’s Eve. I drink  two cups of coffee  through out  the day.  
Paris Little
Paris Little (male, 30)
How I Work Towards Fitness Goals as a Vegan Strength and Conditioning Coach
I’ll still from time to time drink alcohol but just factor that in around my caloric intake with what I eat on the days I do drink e.g. if eating for a drink with my partner who’s also vegan or a mate I’ll take around 600 calories away from that days fat and carbohydrate and reserve them for alcohol.
Brian Dobson
Brian Dobson (male, 62)
How I Train Hard, Set Lifting Records and Keep My Abs at 62
I love the wild hogs, we hunt but not too often as even the wild boar have a high fat level. I don’t drink coffee too often or drink alcohol often but do use pre workouts.
Chad Havunen
Chad Havunen (male, 40)
How I'm Gonna Comeback to Pro Bodybuilding, Mr. Olympia and Battle of the Godz after a 5 Years Hiatus
I don’t schedule cheat days or cheat meals. I do them whenever I want or feel I need to. I don’t eat a lot of junk or drink alcohol. My commitment to my goals helps me not to overeat.
Paulo Cavalcante Muzy
Paulo Cavalcante Muzy (male, 40)
I'm a Busy Medical Doctor and Bodybuilder. This Is How I Train, Eat and Recover
Of course I don’t drink alcohol, because some evidences shows us that it can be responsible from 5 to 30% of muscle loss, so it is incompatible to mass development.
James Ruckert
James Ruckert (male, 28)
I Used to be an Overweight Teen. Now, I'm a Fitness Author, Personal Trainer & Calisthenics Coach
I’m nowhere near as anal with things like alcohol as I was. I used to be tee-total and even avoid social situations to stick to my ‘diet’ but all this did for me was make me miserable and lonely. It’s not worth it!
Eva Tretjakova
Eva Tretjakova (female, 42)
How I Juggle Being Mom, Wife, Fitness Instructor and Bodybuilding Champion
My lifestyle is very busy and I have to be fresh every morning and that is why I can count how many times per year I drink alcohol.
Zack Belknap
Zack Belknap (male, 27)
I'm a Vegan Bodybuilder. This is How I Build Muscle with Plant-Based Diet
I have two years of restricted eating to make up for! I’m guessing my current calories are somewhere around 5,000 a day. I also allow myself much more freedom in regards to drinking alcohol because when I’m in prep I go 100% rigid; straight up robot mode.
Rishiraj Kapur
Rishiraj Kapur (male, 40)
How I Went from Being Overweight to Living the Bodybuilding Lifestyle and Becoming a Fit Dad
I like to consume my coffee black and sometimes I tend to go overboard with it. I drink occasionally and stick to good old scotch. I drop calories from my meals the day I indulge in alcohol.
Jae Griggs
Jae Griggs (male, 37)
At 237 Lbs, I'm One of the Biggest Vegan Bodybuilders. This Is How I Eat, Train and Get Big
I try to eat clean for the most part but I still have my cheat meals I just don’t go overboard and my alcohol intake is maybe twice a month if that.
SuzAnne Llano
SuzAnne Llano (female, 49)
How I Started Competitive Bodybuilding at 40 and Fell in Love with the Discipline and Commitment
My philosophy for training is be consistent, get to the gym 6 days a week, meal prep, get good sleep, plenty of water, no alcohol, don’t give in to the peer pressure and stay laser focused on your health
Taylor Patterson
Taylor Patterson (male, 34)
How a Back Injury Forced Me to Focus on Mobility and Flexibility in the Gym
I drink one coffee a day around 10 am. I don’t drink regularly, although I do get blitzed about once or twice a year. Other than that, casual alcohol doesn’t really enter into my life.
Eric Leto
Eric Leto (male, 33)
How I Became a Vegan WBFF Pro Fitness Model and European Vice Champion
After years of dieting, I don’t feel any craving anymore for sweets or fast food, it just doesn’t resonate with me anymore. I think the last time I drank alcohol was like three years ago, not a big fan of it and especially knowing what it does to your body and your muscles. Coffee is consumed rarely and tea on a everyday basis.
Ric Drasin
Ric Drasin (male, 75)
How I Stay Strong and Keep Training at 75 (after 59 Years of Training)
I also don’t do alcohol, but I do have a coffee or tea. I don’t bulk up and then lean out because there’s no purpose anymore. Been there done that.
John Machin MegaVegan
John Machin MegaVegan (male, 63)
How I've Been Vegan for 63 Years and Founded Super-Calisthenics Bodyweight Training
I’m on about 2700 calories a day. I avoid sugar, fried food and alcohol. I eat about 20 portions of fruit/veg a day.
Amine Aminov
Amine Aminov (male, 29)
How I Finally Started Bodybuilding after Quitting 3 Times
I rarely take cheat meals, maybe once a month because I’m used to always live a healthy lifestyle and I don’t have any desire to pizza and stuff like that. My pleasure is when I eat that healthy food and I don’t drink alcohol, my only beverage is coffee.
Bre Hess
Bre Hess (female, 28)
How I Lost 185 Lbs, Became a Personal Trainer and Fitness Model
I do not drink any pop or alcohol unless it is wine every once in a while. I drink brisk, bai, or green tea.
Karina Inkster
Karina Inkster (female, 33)
How I Train and Eat as a Straight Edge Vegan Who's Allergic to Raw Fruit and Nuts
I’m “straight edge” as the kids these days call it: no drugs, no alcohol, no caffeine.
Taco Fleur
Taco Fleur (male, 45)
How I Run Cavemantraining and Stay Fit with Kettlebells While Traveling the World
What you put in can affect your thinking, how you feel, how you heal, how you perform, etc. I’ll never say I quit alcohol or coffee altogether, but at the moment I’m on a 30 day no alcohol (actually think I passed 30 days and will continue) and no coffee.
Alex Basso
Alex Basso (male, 32)
How Crossfit Changed My Life and Made Me Fit Enough to Compete in the Games
During the day I drink a maximum of 0.3 liters of coffee or tea. No alcohol and no cigarettes.
Micah LaCerte
Micah LaCerte (male, 40)
I'm the Owner of Hitch Fit, WBFF Muscle Model World Champion and Iron Man Cover Model
I eat about 6-8 meals per day, balanced nutrition at the moment so good healthy carb, healthy fats and lean proteins!! I drink about 1-2 gallons of water per day. I do not drink alcohol or anything that will hinder me feeling my best.
Victor Egonu
Victor Egonu (male, 30)
How I'm Planning to Win the Drug-free Bodybuilding World Championship next Season
I’m not a big alcohol drinker, never have been so I usually cut it out when cutting maybe a glass of wine as I am half-Italian.
Rick Ryan
Rick Ryan (male, 62)
I'm 62. This Is How I Train, Eat and Recover for a Contest Body Fat Percentage of 4.9%
I love coffee, tea – great if it is de-calf and green, and alcohol – never as it will mess up your testosterone.
Francesco Grezza
Francesco Grezza (male, 25)
How I Trained, Lost 45 Kg and Got Ready to Open My Own Gym
I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t smoke, I drink coffee 3/4 times a day, I hate tea or other herbal teas, I love milk!
Luka Skubonja
Luka Skubonja (male, 22)
How I Trained to Become WFF Balkan Champion and IBFF European Champion in Bodybuilding
I avoid alcohol, but I can drink couple of drinks if I’m out with my friends but it is rare, and I very rarely get drunk.
Marko Drobac
Marko Drobac (male, 18)
How I Gained 25 Kg of Muscle Mass by Training 5 Days a Week
When I go out, it is mostly a problem for me because only alcohol and unhealthy food is available, but even so I try to make it perfect and eat perfectly.
Gabe (male, 25)
How I Train Myself and My Clients as a Kinesiologist/Strength & Conditioning Coach
I eat mostly whole foods, no alcohol/coffee/tea/soft drinks.
Inder Yadav
Inder Yadav (male, 20)
How I Do Bodyweight Exercises and Yoga to Become Super Fit
I drink tea and coffee occasionally, and I never drink alcohol.
Dennis Okello Mbira
Dennis Okello Mbira (male, 25)
How I Gained over 15 Kg of Lean Muscle Mass by Going to the Gym
When I go out in social occasions, I always have no problem eating the food there unless it is coffee or alcohol. I always try to avoid taking coffee and alcohol as I think they make me loose much water through frequenting the toilet.
Michael Gamil
Michael Gamil (male, 25)
How I Work Full-time, Study and Still Go to the Gym 5 Days a Week
I take one cheat day per week, I eat whatever I want in that day. I drink about 1 cup of coffee, 2 cups of tea a day and I don’t drink alcohol.
Loued Capisinio
Loued Capisinio (male, 31)
How I Moved from the Philippines to Be a Personal Trainer at the Oxygen Gym in Kuwait
I count it every step of the way whenever I’m on a diet. Discipline is in me, I haven’t tasted a soda drink for 8 years now. The same with liquors and other alcohol.

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