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We have talked with 14 athletes who mention smoking.

Peter Corbett
Peter Corbett (male, 27)
How I Got into Pole Dancing Without Having Any Fitness Experience
I don’t smoke and I dont drink very often as I worry it will leave me groggy for my training the next day and as I said before, that time is precious.
Daniel Barbeau
Daniel Barbeau (male, 28)
How I Combine the Army with Running a Personal Training Business
I try not to put anything in my body that is not going to be conducive to the goal I am trying to reach. Like for example I do not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes and I think that pays dividends to my health.
Katherine Petronaci
Katherine Petronaci (female, 35)
I'm an International Pole Athlete. This is How I Went from Pole Teaching to Winning Competitions
I drink a lot of water and my main vices are club soda and coffee. I do drink alcohol but no smoking or drug use.
Austin Dotson
Austin Dotson (male, 28)
I'm a Hybrid Athlete and Influencer. This is How I Stay Fit After Football Retirement
In other words, I don’t consume alcohol, candy, and I do not smoke. We only have a lack of energy when our bodies are lacking fuel and rest.
Pietro Lauro
Pietro Lauro (male, 23)
I'm a Natural Bodybuilder. This is How Bodybuilding Helps Me Control My Anxiety
I don’t drink. I also don’t smoke and never have.
Rashid Zirak
Rashid Zirak (male, 38)
I'm a Strength and Conditioning Coach. This is How I Eat, Train and Play
I never drink alcohol or smoke and my caffeine sensitivity is high so I stay away from alcohol smoke and coffee.
Gustavo White
Gustavo White (male, 59)
I'm 59. This Is How Fitness Became a Way of Life
Finally, a very special comment: Life is wonderful if you drink alcohol do it moderately, avoid smoking and drugs. The best stimulant is inside you: let it go and enjoy it!
Nick Shaw
Nick Shaw (male, 32)
I'm a Bodybuilder and CEO. This Is How Self-discipline Keeps Me Going
I don’t drink and probably haven’t had a drink in close to 10 years. I also don’t smoke and never have.
Viktoriia Voronina
Viktoriia Voronina (female, 25)
How the Death of My Parents Motivated Me to Become a Personal Trainer
Growing up I noticed some bad habits that both of my parents had: smoking, poor food choices (lots of meat, especially processed meats), lack of exercise, high levels of stress, lack of sufficient sleep.
Vanya Sakazova
Vanya Sakazova (female, 25)
How I Went from Being Slow and Weak to Stronger, Faster and Better
I can say my diet is quite healthy. I try to eat balanced amounts of everything from meat and dairy to beans and vegetables. However, I avoid caffeine, sugar and alcohol. I don’t smoke as well.
Nigel St Lewis
Nigel St Lewis (male, 39)
How I Don't Make Excuses and Compete on the Highest Level as a Natural Bodybuilder
I do not drink or smoke, I may have the odd drink socially. If I do go out for a meal, I do not restrict what I eat because I manage what I eat. At home, I would rather have fruits and crisp nuts than chocolates, I generally make healthy choices.
Tshireletso Madibo
Tshireletso Madibo (male, 30)
How I Made the Choice to Keep Training Even When Things Get Difficult
My name is Tshireletso Madibo from Johannesburg City, South Africa. I am a 30-year-old God-fearing man. I am an introvert, personal trainer and have no children yet. I don’t smoke and I don’t drink.
Alex Basso
Alex Basso (male, 32)
How Crossfit Changed My Life and Made Me Fit Enough to Compete in the Games
During the day I drink a maximum of 0.3 liters of coffee or tea. No alcohol and no cigarettes.
Easton Elliott
Easton Elliott (male, 25)
How I Stopped Smoking 35 Cigarettes a Day, Became a Personal Trainer and Got Really Fit
Growing up I was active outside, but as high school hit, I became “that fat kid”. I was up to a pack and a half (35+) of cigarettes a day and my diet was garbage. For the longest time I said “maybe one day I’ll quit, maybe one day I’ll start eating healthy”.

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