Calisthenics Athletes

We have talked with 27 athletes who mention calisthenics and bodyweight training.

Austin Dotson
I like to implement a variety of different styles of training which includes, bodybuilding, calisthenics, yoga, gymnastics, and CrossFit.
Austin Dotson (male, 28)
Gabriele de Biagi
I have a sort of predilection for gymnastics and bodyweight training in general, I really love the idea of training everywhere and in every condition, just with my body!
Gabriele de Biagi (male, 29)
Daniel Zagorski
I want to continue working on my weak areas. I want to build up my chest and obliques and I want to get stronger. I’ve actually developed a real interest in calisthenics so I’m hoping to do more of that as well.
Daniel Zagorski (male, 21)
Snir Azoulay
I’m training for 5+ years and started training at age 14~15 at Calisthenics and then after 1.5 half years there, I sign for a gym membership.
Snir Azoulay (male, 20)
Simone Collins
At the moment, I’m really enjoying higher intensity weight training, bodyweight training, and conditioning workouts. However, I have had the best muscle gains when incorporating a variety of isolation and compound movements, and including both high volume lifts, and and heavy weight lifts in a single workout.
Simone Collins (female, 33)
James Anthony Emmerson
Got to keep challenging your body; whether that’s going heavier, higher reps or other deviations of classic exercises – keep the muscle guessing and your brain. There’s nothing worse than turning up in the gym and just going through the motions. If that ever happens, shake it up, skip a day, go and do calisthenics, or take up that offer from your bro at CrossFit.
James Anthony Emmerson (male, 35)
Gustavo White
I’m passionate about bodyweight training. The great advantage is that you don’t need a gym and that you can train efficiently in the convenience of their own home.
Gustavo White (male, 59)
Krista Stryker
It was after one of those injuries that I started experimenting with HIIT and bodyweight training. I was sick of spending so much of my day stuck in a gym and knew there had to be a more sustainable way to get—and stay—fit.
Krista Stryker (female, 33)
Aleksi Paju
My goals have varied a lot from just basic lifting and strength training to calisthenics and nowadays, I mostly do functional training with free weights. I workout purely for my own pleasure and also to maintain my physique and, of course, I want to be stronger today than I was yesterday.
Aleksi Paju (male, 33)
Orry Zickefoose
I have been training calisthenics for just under four years now. I have always been an active person, either outside skateboarding or running around outside with friends.
Orry Zickefoose (male, 32)
Petar Ivancevic
Transition to Bodyweight Training
Petar Ivancevic (male, 26)
Jason Latonio
People ask me all the time what I do to stay in shape, and they are usually surprised when I tell them I am exclusive to bodyweight training.
Jason Latonio (male, 40)
Marc Mullen
Wednesday- Calisthenics training
Marc Mullen (male, 38)
Theo Lury
Hi! I’m Theo Lury. I’m a 23-year-old freelance personal trainer, specialising in calisthenics and bodyweight training.
Theo Lury (male, 23)
Kuba Firkowski
My workplace is a gym called, BodyLabOne. I’ve got personal training and calisthenics classes in small groups. During whole summer, I try to do outdoor workouts in groups to motivate each other.
Kuba Firkowski (male, 23)
Valentin Bosioc
When it comes to training, I always listen to my body. It’s either a full body BODYWEIGHT/CALISTHENICS workout, or weights, or cardio. It all depends on how I feel that day. It could be a gym workout or an outdoor workout, weights, classic splits or full body.
Valentin Bosioc (male, 36)
Mallory Reilly
Kettlebells have always been and probably will always be my favorite. I work with kettlebells almost every day whether I’m working on strength skills, conditioning or mobility. I also have been making calisthenics more of a priority.
Mallory Reilly (female, 27)
Nir Shamir
A good week of training needs to consist of: Movement, yoga, capoeira and calisthenics. Each one of these works on the connection between the body and mind, improving functionality in day-to-day life.
Nir Shamir (male, 25)
Jasa Oslaj
I started with calisthenics (bodyweight training) for about two years and that really gave me a lot of strength as well as muscle mass.
Jasa Oslaj (male, 21)
Paul Chelemen
At this point I need to mention my younger brother who started calisthenics many years ago and unconsciously motivated me since that time.
Paul Chelemen (male, 31)
Ryan Shen
Then, on the next year I found calisthenics and it’s so much fun plus I can see better improvement in terms of muscles mass, strength and coordination compare to weight training.
Ryan Shen (male, 29)
Ben Palacios
After college, I moved to LA with little money to join a gym, so I predominantly exercised outside: Calisthenics, bodyweight, biking, hiking, and trail running. Since then I’ve joined Crossfit but I maintain my outdoor lifestyle.
Ben Palacios (male, 30)
James Ruckert
Physically speaking, I don’t get ultra specific as I’m always looking to improve across the board and I’ve found so many times that building one move often improves others. In other words: the crossover in calisthenics and bodyweight training is vast!
James Ruckert (male, 28)
Matt Fox
My training is based around bodyweight training, I haven’t been to a gym for a “normal” weight lifting session in 3 years.
Matt Fox (male, 32)
Europe’s leading bodyweight trainer (this is a description acknowledged among the Calisthenics community)
John Machin MegaVegan (male, 63)
Taco Fleur
Although kettlebells are my main form of training, I do a lot of mobility work, calisthenics, and also do some barbell work.
Taco Fleur (male, 45)
Inder Yadav
My plan consists of strength training as well as bodyweight training. It’s like on Monday I have to focus on my back and biceps muscles, while on Tuesday I have to train for my chest, etc.
Inder Yadav (male, 20)