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Martial Artists

We have talked with 57 athletes who mention martial arts.

Fábio Veras
Fábio Veras (male, 42)
This is How I Stay Fit and Motivated After 25 Years of Competitive Bodybuilding
I’ve trained athletes from lots of different sports, including runners, MMA fighters, bodybuilders, triathletes, rowers, soccer players, judo and jiujitsu and some of them are world level athletes.
Lars Besand
Lars Besand (male, 43)
How I Trained to Become the Strongest Man in Denmark at 105 Kg
Besides bodybuilding and strength training, I have also done shotokan karate, taekwondo (2nd degree black belt), boxing, shooting, Mixed Martial arts, volleyball, bodybuilding, powerlifting, supboarding and fitness.
Taco Fleur
Taco Fleur (male, 45)
How I Run Cavemantraining and Stay Fit with Kettlebells While Traveling the World
I participated in martial arts. It started with going to Thailand for Muay Thai training camps back before 2000, that’s where I started my passion for Muay Thai.
Francesco Grezza
Francesco Grezza (male, 25)
How I Trained, Lost 45 Kg and Got Ready to Open My Own Gym
I have been practicing martial arts since I was three years old in which I am a brown belt in Judo and I have achieved good results even at a competitive level in some regional championship!
Klaudijus Simutis
Klaudijus Simutis (male, 19)
How I Got a Very Aesthetic Physique (It All Started with Dragon Ball Z)
When I was younger I participated in the martial arts of taekwondo for three years but I grew bored of it and began my bodybuilding journey.
Deniz Yozkan
Deniz Yozkan (male, 18)
How I Choose Fitness over Martial Arts and Professional Fighting
When I turned 17, I had to choose a career. I started studying biology and chemistry intensely and I have to choose either the gym or the martial arts.
Mohamed Radi
Mohamed Radi (male, 25)
How I Trained Hard, Gained 34 Kg and Stopped Being Too Thin
Before practicing bodybuilding, I practiced karate for 2 years. I even won 2 gold medals in karate, but I stopped because I liked bodybuilding more.
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Hacks and Routines

The most mentioned hacks and routines amongst the martial artists we have talked with.

Rest Days
Foam Rolling

Diets and Diet Hacks

The most mentioned diets and diet hacks. Some are negative. For example alcohol mentions for most athletes mean mentioning no/very little alcohol 👍

Cheat Days
Ice Cream


The most mentioned supplements amongst the martial artists.

Whey Protein
Beta Alanine
Fish Oil
Protein Bars

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