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The 40 Gym Rules

In the gym there are 40 unspoken rules you need to be aware of. Failing to follow these rules will make everybody else secretly hate you, wish that you would go home and never come back ????

The 40 Gym Rules graphic

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All 40 rules

Listed the 40 gym rules are:

  • Don’t roar, grunt and be noisy
  • Don’t warm-up and stretch in a walkway
  • Don’t leave a puddle of sweat. Use a towel to wipe down equipment
  • Don’t lift in front of the weight rack. Step away from the dumbbells
  • Don’t drop the dumbbells. Same with the weight plates
  • Don’t train to close to other people. Give people space
  • Put the weight plates and dumbbells back when you are done
  • Don’t block all the dumbbells – and no circuit training
  • Check if the equipment is free before using
  • Don’t do curls in the squat rack. Also no pull ups
  • Don’t give unsolicted advice
  • Don’t stare – and no creepin’
  • Don’t scroll Facebook/Instagram and don’t text
  • Don’t talk on the phone
  • Don’t eat food in the gym
  • Don’t disturb people with headphones on
  • Don’t spread your stuff around in the gym
  • Don’t block someone’s view of the mirror
  • Don’t wear stinky old workout clothes
  • Don’t kettlebell swing in a walkway
  • If you smoke, don’t smell like an ashtray in the gym
  • Allow people to work in when possible
  • Don’t unload barbells others are using
  • Don’t talk to people in the middle of a set
  • Don’t fart while lifting – and no perfume/cologne drenching
  • Don’t small talk in the gym. It’s not a coffee shop
  • Don’t mess up weight plates, stack correctly
  • Don’t do selfies – and don’t take photos of other people in the gym
  • Don’t ask huge members what supplements they are taking
  • Don’t spit in the water fountain
  • Don’t pee or shave in the gym shower
  • Don’t weigh in with people outside your weight class
  • Don’t overload weights and lift to impress
  • If possible, don’t choose the cardio machine right next to someone else
  • Don’t do marathon cardios when the gym is busy
  • Don’t pose in front of the mirror – and don’t check your makeup
  • Don’t judge struggling newbies
  • Don’t touch the bar while spotting
  • Don’t talk to other gym members when naked in the locker room
  • Don’t spot if you sweat from your forehead