HIIT Routines

We have talked with 64 athletes who mention HIIT.

Karen Plum
Karen Plum (female, 47)
I'm a Sports Performance Coach & Figure Champion. Here's My Plan to Work with Motorsport Athletes
For pre-competition fat loss techniques, well, Keto works well for me, with a high carb day thrown in weekly. I increase training intensity, less rest between sets and more cardio. HIIT cardio also added in closer to comp has given me very good results.
Zeina Kabbara
Zeina Kabbara (female, 36)
I'm a Pilates and Barre Instructor. This is How I Strengthen My Muscles and Align My Body
My favorite exercise type is my HIIT Pilates that I design to include both cardio elements and strength elements so you’d get the benefits of both worlds.
Hedda Liukkala
Hedda Liukkala (female, 29)
How I Got into Circus Training and Became a Cyr Wheel Artist
I love following different workouts from different social media creators. At the moment my favorite workouts are intense HIIT exercises from various athletes, conditioning workouts in YouTube with Cirque du Soleil performers and active mobility and power yoga from an amazing @nickonhands from Instagram.
Jody Sokol
Jody Sokol (female, 28)
How My Professional Soccer Career Got Me into Fitness and Lifting
I workout about 5 days a week and like to throw some HIIT workouts in there a few days out of the week.
Sidra Sadiq
Sidra Sadiq (female, 34)
How I Got into Fitness and Started Training 6 Days a Week
I do HIIT about 3 times a week in the gym.
Esther Chen
Esther Chen (female, 34)
How I Became a Full-time Competitive Pole Dancer
For cardio, I love HIIT.
Manon Hallay
Manon Hallay (female, 25)
How Barre Training Changed My Life and the Way I Train
Every workout is indoor friendly, for all levels. Barre, pilates, HIIT, stretches,… If you are interested, email me at [email protected]
Rachel Rose
Rachel Rose (female, 24)
How a Binge Eating Disorder Got Me into Competitive Fitness and Modelling
I’m really passionate about functional fitness, so I love incorporating creative, challenging HIIT workouts for myself. I prefer push/pull splits and believe RECOVERY and FORM are your two best friends.
Teresa Cesario
Teresa Cesario (female, 32)
I Love Yoga and Meditation! This is How Fitness Helps Me Overcome Body Dysmorphia
I began HIIT training and strength training with two private trainers as well as balancing the bulk with flexibility raining at Modo Yoga Miami Beach.
Tertia Dippenaar
Tertia Dippenaar (female, 30)
This is How I Prevent Injuries While Performing Eight Shows a Week
I believe that training has to evolve with you as you grow and improve and adjust your goals. I started out with more traditional bodybuilding sets and splits in the hypertrophy range but now I’m really into combining strength training with HIIT in my sessions. I find this the best way to maintain my physique throughout the year.
Renny Hunter
Renny Hunter (female, 20)
How Fitness Helped Me Battle Eating Disorders and Depression
If I had it my way I would be in the gym for at least an hour and a half a day doing either of resistance training, HIIT, yoga, boxing, or maybe a mix of some of those modalities into one session.
Aimee Corry
Aimee Corry (female, 26)
I'm a Personal Trainer. This is How I Combine Fitness and Acting
I started out with HIIT workouts, group fitness classes and running. That was until one day my big brother took me into the weights room. He showed me how I should be training if I wanted to really improve my strength, change my body composition and get the most out of the gym.
Shotzie Cado
Shotzie Cado (female, 38)
This Is How I Train Effectively to Stay Fit While Working from Home
I’ve continued keeping my mind and body in shape still weightlifting and doing other HIIT programs, along with MMA training.
Nelsi Pamela
Nelsi Pamela (female, 30)
How I Work as a Full-time Personal Trainer While Taking My NASM CPT Certification
I have a cardio regimen sometimes consists of long-distance, 1 time a week or HIIT. I love Unilateral Squats or everything that involve a Unilateral Training which is amazing to me.
Jo Dowson
Jo Dowson (female, 35)
How I Keep Going Despite Scoliosis and Major Setbacks
Over the years I have trained to be a exercise to music instructor, gym instructor and a children’s fitness instructor as well as many add on courses such as spinning, hiit, Insanity, circuits and many more.
Jenna Epperly
Jenna Epperly (, 27)
This is How I Help Women to Get Fit and Find Freedom
I train for longevity and to feel good. I create my own programs for myself as a personal trainer and typically workout four to five days a week. I prefer resistance training accompanied with a little bit of HIIT and running thrown into the mix.
Lorenza Veronica
Lorenza Veronica (female, 31)
How Fitness Helps Me Manage My Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism
When it comes to my workouts, my muscles always react too much to intense training like hard HIIT or weight lifting. When I say “react”, I mean I tend to gain bulky muscles, especially on my thighs, and that is something I don’t like. I want to feel feminine during my workouts, and that probably comes from the fact I always missed that when I was an athlete.
Brittaney Johnston
Brittaney Johnston (female, 27)
This Is How I Work as an International Model, Stay Energized and in Shape
I usually train with my partner and friends to keep it fun and different. We will usually do a surf in the morning for cardio, or alternatively when the surf is flat we’ll do some other form of HIIT training like hill sprints or boxing.
Cody Stover
Cody Stover (male)
How Rocky Inspired Me to Get Fit and Become an Actor and Model
My cardio mainly consists of HIIT. I like to add more cardio when conditioning for a show. My favorite exercises are squats, lat pull downs, machine flys, incline DB presses, hammer curls, machine dips, and rope abs.
Kandiss Lewis
Kandiss Lewis (female, 35)
How I Combine Running and Weights to Stay Fit and Work as a Model/Actor
Again, always changing it up at the gym. I was going to F45 for their amazing HIIT classes. Now, I am not a class person whatsoever (for many reasons I’ll leave unspoken) but F45 is sooo different, and all in a good way. The first week I took their class I noticed a HUGE difference in my body. I was amazed. I always tell people, if you want results, go to F45.
Nacor Puig Nuñez
Nacor Puig Nuñez (male, 28)
I'm a Spartan Race Winner. This is How I Eat, Train and Maintain Mobility
I love running because I’ve been a runner during lots of years but I think HIIT training is the most effective type of cardio. I love jumping rope too.
Stevy Palar Montgomery
Stevy Palar Montgomery (female, 29)
How I Use My Education and Training to Help People to Stay Fit and Strong
I incorporate a lot of body weight workouts and week as HIIT, circuit style workouts to get that heart rate up, get you sweating and burning those fat stores.
Daniel Zagorski
Daniel Zagorski (male, 21)
How I Balance My Day Job with Training Six times a Week
I work out six times a week. Each of my gym sessions would last between an hour to an hour and a half. On top of that, I would do cardio before and after each gym session (a combination of HIIT and LISS).
Chyanne Jacomini
Chyanne Jacomini (female, 34)
How I Became an IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor After Giving Birth
A typical week of training consists of five days of training, one day where I go to a yoga class and one full day of rest. My training splits are currently back and biceps, glutes, chest and triceps, legs, delts, 12 mins of intense HIIT, and three days where I practice vacuums and posing.
Lynn Montoya
Lynn Montoya (female, 50)
How I Made Fitness Part of My Life and Now Train 20+ Times a Week
My sessions alternate between old school strength training and HIIT. The strength training sessions are performed in supersets and are broken down into Chest/Tricep/Shoulders, Back/Biceps and Legs/Glutes with elements of HIIT mixed in.
Victoria Brady
Victoria Brady (female, 32)
I'm a Certified Personal Trainer. This is How I Went from 275 to 155 Pounds
While I prefer to lift weights, some of my favorite cardio routines include boxing and kickboxing, as well as, high intensity interval training (HIIT). When I’m looking to burn more fat and release stress, I rely on doing intervals with a jump rope or running sprints on the treadmill.
Nancy Di Nino
Nancy Di Nino (female, 47)
How I Train and Inspire Women to Reach their Health and Fitness Goals
I train five to six days a week. At times I will train using HIIT principles (High Intensity interval training) coupled with plyometric training. Short bursts of sprints are a must for me whether on the track, skipping or through functional training. A stopwatch or timer is my best friend and I love the feeling of pushing my heart rate to its max point.
Olivia Eze
Olivia Eze (female, 26)
How I Stopped Eating Junk Food and Became a Fit Personal Trainer
A typical day of training, I focus on full-body cardio training which consists of training with no weights usually for about 45 minutes; which I usually do a lot of HIIT training, from sprints on the treadmill to jumping jacks, jump squats, etc.
Caitlin Rice
Caitlin Rice (female, 28)
This Is How I Found My Calling Through Fitness
Friday: Full body HIIT/Plyos
Allison Vaeth
Allison Vaeth (female, 28)
I'm an IFBB Bikini Pro. How I Train People to Become Successful in the Bodybuilding World
On the other hand, when it comes to fat loss, adding in more cardio, HIIT, and workouts like plyometrics, metabolic, tabata, etc. will help you sharpen up and burn more calories.
Tameika Gentles
Tameika Gentles (female, 33)
How I Lost 100 Pounds Naturally and Became a Nomad Personal Trainer
I typically train four days per week, isolating muscle groups and incorporating HIIT whenever possible. Because I travel full time, much of my time is spent in gyms around the world – meaning I have to be very strategic with my training.
Allie Edwards
Allie Edwards (female, 32)
How I Keep Myself Fit and Help Fellow Mothers Get More Healthy and Active
Our routines are extremely varied and include a wide range of forms of exercise from stroller circuit training, to yoga, to HIIT, to weight lifting, and more. What keeps home workouts with kids fun and possible are 3 things:
Dr. Nick
Dr. Nick (male, 36)
I'm The Fittest Doc. Here’s How I Make Myself and My Patients the Fittest Versions of Ourselves
Ideally, though, if you were to give in to your cravings, the best time to do so from a physiological standpoint is immediately after your training session, especially if you did a HIIT session or heavy weight lifting. Doing so will lead to much less of that extra energy you’re about to eat going to adipocyte (fat) deposition.
Gustavo White
Gustavo White (male, 59)
I'm 59. This Is How Fitness Became a Way of Life
The basis of my training today is CrossFit and I also train frequently on weight training with my bodyweight, weights, High-Impact Interval Training (HIIT), abs & core exercises, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) inspired training and flexibility, stretching and mobility exercises.
Krista Stryker
Krista Stryker (female, 33)
How I Train Effectively and Founded the 12 Minute Athlete
I’m Krista Stryker, NSCA-CPT, founder of 12 Minute Athlete and author of the new book The 12-Minute Athlete: Get Fitter, Faster, and Stronger Using HIIT and Your Bodyweight.
Stiina Casandra
Stiina Casandra (female, 30)
How Yoga Has Made Me a Better Version of Myself
I enjoy different kinds of fitness fun, and I have tried most of what’s out there, but my absolute favourite indoor training is HIIT workouts — both for the feel-good vibes and satisfying results for my body + mind. For outdoors, I love going hiking and cycling.
Danielle Natoni
Danielle Natoni (female, 41)
How I Became a Full-time Fitness Professional and Got Featured in Fitness Infomercials
INSANITY is a HIIT training class that started as a home fitness program. For the past 8 years it has been a format that teachers could get certified in to teach in the group fitness setting in the gym.
Csillag Sulyok
Csillag Sulyok (female, 40)
I'm an Ethical Vegan and Bikini Model. This is How I Eat, Train and Workout at 40
I like to combine gym days with HIIT training at home. There are some periods in my life when I decide to go on a long distance running competition. Then my main focus is of course running, and I only do light weight training
Jessica Dickson
Jessica Dickson (female, 28)
I'm an IFBB Bikini Competitor and a Personal Trainer. This is How I Eat, Train and Stay Healthy
Today has been great so far! I have trained 4 clients, taken a HIIT class, did a back session and now I am sitting down writing this, at its 9.15am hehe.
Maria Lee
Maria Lee (female, 33)
How I Went From Editor to Fitness Entrepreneur and Vegan Activist
My philosophy is more intuitive in nature where I constantly seek new limits and experiment with different techniques. I go to the gym five to six days a week, and I alternate between upper body pull (my favourite!), lower body anterior chain (quads, glutes), upper body push, and lower body posterior chain. I throw in core and a ton of HIIT and plyometrics every day.
Anne Navarro
Anne Navarro (female, 40)
How Continuous Self-improvement and Development Helps Me Get Better and Stronger
I believe cardio has its place for sure. If I’m having a sedentary week, I’ll do HIIT training on a bike or jump rope, no more than 11 working minutes 3 times a week. Usually, though, I have a high step count and do a lot of walking so additional or extra cardio is incorporated only when needed.
Carissa Joy Johnson (Monroe)
Carissa Joy Johnson (Monroe) (female, 34)
How I Made a Miraculous Comeback in Bodybuilding Following a Horrific Accident
My training regimen has changed a lot since pre-kid days. Before babies I would do push, pull and leg days with 1.5-2 hrs of weight training followed by 30 min to one hour of cardio (alternating HIIT and steady state cardio).
Allison Ethier
Allison Ethier (female, 42)
How My Fear of Aging Keeps Me Motivated, Really Fit and Competitive
I do a fitness routine which is the worst, and hardest version of HIIT you can imagine.
Terrance Brown
Terrance Brown (male, 30)
How I Work as a Personal Trainer and Film a Fitness Documentary
Thursday: Full Body Workout(Polymetric and HIIT) here’s an example of a full-body workout:
Monique Kabel
Monique Kabel (female, 37)
How I Quit My Career to Become an Elite Pro Trainer and Sports Nutrition Specialist
A typical day of training for me begins with anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes of fasted cardio. Depending on the day I will either perform HIIT or LISS cardio on the treadmill and stair mill. I split the cardio equipment up so that I don’t get bored!
Stan Efferding
Stan Efferding (male, 52)
I'm the Founder of the Vertical Diet, IFBB Pro and World Record Powerlifter. This How I Eat and Train
When I was powerlifting I would do 3×10 minute HIIT sessions on a recumbent bike the day after training legs in order to help my quads recover by pumping a lot of blood into them.
Nick Screeton
Nick Screeton (male, 31)
How I Keep Improving as a Personal Trainer after 10,000+ Training Sessions
I’ll usually do 20-30 minutes on either the assault bike, ski machine, or rower. Sometime I’ll do low-intensity work, other times I’ll do HIIT training.
Sean Harley
Sean Harley (male, 40)
I'm the Founder of Rock Solid Nutrition, IFBB Pro and 12x Cover Model. This Is How I Stay Strong and Fit
There are different protocols that I like to follow but typically I’ll either be doing around 25 minutes of HIIT cardio or 45-60 minutes of steady state cardio.
Marc Mullen
Marc Mullen (male, 38)
I'm a Vegan Personal Trainer and Fashion Model. This is How I Push and Motivate Myself and My Clients
We had to do speed work, hills, some endurance, strength and conditioning and HIIT. I competed for over 10 years for my University Leeds Met and a club in Manchester – Trafford AC.
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson (male, 46)
I'm a CEO of a Supplement Company, Coach and IFBB Pro. This Is How I Eat, Train and Recover
Cardio obviously is implemented more often and generally increases the closer we get to a show or physique goal. I prefer fasted, low intensity cardio to high intensity – it’s a great way to start the day! Both methods work, but I feel that HIIT stresses the CNS (central nervous system) a bit too much.
Kathrine Kofoed
Kathrine Kofoed (female, 24)
How I Empower Women to Go Plant-Based, Lose Fat and Overcome Emotional Eating
I’m an ACE certified Health Coach and Group Fitness Instructor. I’ve taught group fitness classes for over two years (HIIT, bootcamp, and spin classes), and love the high energy and excitement that goes into teaching group classes.
Shea McLaughlin
Shea McLaughlin (female, 29)
I'm Registered Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer. This Is Why I Love Fitness
My current training often consists of a variety of workouts from HIIT training to running to yoga, I always like to keep my body guessing.
Ines Schubi
Ines Schubi (female, 27)
I’m a Plant-based Fitness Coach. This Is How I Help Traveling Women Stay Fit and Healthy
I usually workout 6 days a week for 1 hour. I do 2 lower body workouts, 2 upper body workouts, 1 HIIT session and 1 cardio session.
Jason Frand
Jason Frand (male, 30)
How I Became a Fitness Coach for Actors and Performers Who Want to Build Muscle
I focus on hypertrophy, endurance, and HIIT training.
Dave Cunningham
Dave Cunningham (male, 33)
How I Maintain an Impressive Fitness Model Physique after 17 Years of Training
When I have a show coming up I do tend to increase the cardio intensity as the show draws closer, but that could be implementing a HIIT protocol if needed or increasing the pace or duration of my cardio session.
Ivan Blazquez
Ivan Blazquez (male, 40)
I'm a Vegan Bodybuilder and Triathlete. This Is How I Compete in Both Sports at the Same Time
So the type of triathlon and cardio that builds muscle or minimizes concurrent training caveats is HIIT style cardio and/or shorter duration cardio. But even with longer duration cardio, this can be also be addressed with overall caloric intake and diet quality.
Nick Staro
Nick Staro (male, 26)
How I Came Back Strong after a Motorcycle Accident and Placed 2nd in Mr. Hellas
The type of cardio depends on my current goal, if I am trying to burn fat it will be 30-60 minutes of LISS or 20-30 minutes of HIIT. If I am trying to lose fat faster, I am doing both on the same day. I use the stationary bike in my house and the treadmill when I am at the gym. 
Rishiraj Kapur
Rishiraj Kapur (male, 40)
How I Went from Being Overweight to Living the Bodybuilding Lifestyle and Becoming a Fit Dad
I train five to six days a week with weights and drop in a cardio session on a Sunday. It varies between steady state running on the treadmill and HIIT sessions. (HIIT- burpees, mountain climbers, planks, sprints, light weight cleans for reps(till failure) followed by light weight deadlift for reps (till failure).The mix helps to keep my cardio session interesting.
Samantha Shorkey
Samantha Shorkey (female, 37)
I'm the Host of Jacked on a Beanstalk. This Is How I Became the First-ever Vegan WNBF Bikini Pro
When I’m prepping for a show, however, I’ll do about 45 minutes to an hour of cardio almost every day. Usually (HIIT) high intensity interval style. I hate running but it’s a great way to slim down my thighs (aka my trouble area.) For weights, I’ll usually do two muscle groups per session and legs twice per week.
Stefano Manassero
Stefano Manassero (male, 56)
How I Won Competitions, Retired for 17 Years and Then Made a Winning Come Back at 50+
I do not do any long steady cardio, I prefer to do one conditioning session a week of HIIT which includes a variety of exercises with swiss balls, wheels, prowler, battle ropes etc.
Eric Leto
Eric Leto (male, 33)
How I Became a Vegan WBFF Pro Fitness Model and European Vice Champion
As I do lots of yoga at the moment (7-8 hours per week), my cardio schedule is very limited (2 x 15 minutes HIIT per week) and I always aim for sprints on the treadmill. My favorite exercise is inclined dumbbell press (45°), love to feel the upper chest pumped.
Francesco Grezza
Francesco Grezza (male, 25)
How I Trained, Lost 45 Kg and Got Ready to Open My Own Gym
For my cardio regimen, early in the morning I practice 30 minutes of low intensity cardio, in the tapis or elliptical. Before that I used to run on the road for 30/40 minutes, sometimes I also adopt HIIT systems!
Faisal Ali
Faisal Ali (male, 20)
How I Lost 30 Kg and Got Lean by Dieting and Doing Smart Gym Workouts
A typical training session takes almost 45-60 minutes and 30 minutes of HIIT cardio too.
Erik Wachter
Erik Wachter (male, 28)
How I Trained and Became Really Fit after Excelling in Football and Lacrosse
When I do cardio I prefer HIIT exercises so maybe a tabata circuit on a row machine, assault bike or with battle ropes.

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