Meditation Routines

We have talked with 56 athletes who mention meditation.

Gabi Faye
Gabi Faye (female, 29)
How Pole Dancing, Aerial and Acrobatics Help My Acting Career
I’m creative to the core, other hobbies I enjoy including cooking (surprise) playing ukulele, painting and drawing, horseback riding and caring for animals, meditation, yoga, reading and journaling.
Jean Fallacara
Jean Fallacara (male)
How I Use Biohacking to Experience Cyborg Gains in My Calisthenics Training
All starts with silence, deep breathing and meditation that is mandatory for my brain to reach a flow state before workouts so that I am able to get in a zone full of focus and concentration.
Christina Dy
Christina Dy (female, 44)
I'm a Pole Dancer. This Is How I Kept Training after Losing the Use of My Hands
I think is is where my meditation practice helps. It brings a certain sense of clarity. No, it’s not instant inner peace, not at all, but at least it gives me a clear lens from which to view my situation.
Christina Longobardi Paradiso
Christina Longobardi Paradiso (female, 35)
How Losing Everything Helped Me Focus My Strength and Dedication
Through education, meditation, patience, consistency, a lot of self love and grace; I’m most proud of what I’ve accomplished mentally than physically in my transformation from obese to fit.
Okurut George
Okurut George (male, 26)
I'm a Yoga Instructor. This is How I Introduce Yoga in the Slums of Uganda
Mostly I introduced yoga in the slums of Uganda which have made a lot of people interested and it has also been published by one of our newspapers in Uganda called Observers, then also partnering with different non-profit organizations, schools on yoga teaching and meditation to adults and children.
Manu Arora
Manu Arora (male, 29)
How I Focus My Training in Order to Balance Fitness with Professional Life
For me fitness is like a daily chore, so there is literally no rest day. On days when I am tired, I will engage with Yoga, meditation, a long walk to the grocery store or if not much household chores.
Gabriela Cantos Realpe
Gabriela Cantos Realpe (female, 35)
I'm a Dance Coordinator, Coach and Model. This is How I Inspire People to Live a Healthier Life
My passion always has been dancing and later on I have been learning a lot of things like: PT, healthy lifestyle, working with kids, meditation, coordinating/organizing events, administration work, PA, PR, aerialist, etc.
Eduard Checo
Eduard Checo (male, 31)
How I Started Barstarzz and Made Calisthenics My Career
I’m not big on supplements. I think you get everything you need from a balanced high quality diet, full sleep, sunlight, meditation (manage stress) training and sex. The all natural lifestyle.
Kim Bilyk
Kim Bilyk (female, 35)
I'm a Yoga Therapist. This is How I Improve My Life Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually
Most important recovery practice for me is yoga, yoga, and more yoga (this does include meditation). I also take epson salt baths, roll out my muscles with a baseball, and use a thera-gun.
Joanna Zwierzynska
Joanna Zwierzynska (female, 34)
I'm a Brazilian Zouk Dancer. This is How Fitness Made Me Stronger After a Hip Surgery
My motivation is a healthy body that will serve me for many years. I admire people who are over 60 and look so fit and full of energy. Most of them do yoga. I recommend yoga and meditation to everyone.
Teresa Cesario
Teresa Cesario (female, 32)
I Love Yoga and Meditation! This is How Fitness Helps Me Overcome Body Dysmorphia
My initial draw to fitness came through mental health and spirituality. I spent my early 20’s exploring meditation, nutrition and mystical consciousness.
Emmanuela Pintus
Emmanuela Pintus (female, 45)
This Is How I Have Combined Yoga and Bodybuilding for 15+ Years
I try to stay lean throughout the year and usually 15 pounds over competition weight. Meditation really helps a lot when I have really bad food cravings, even if just for a few moments of stillness and breathing will help to stop the stress and feeling of wanting starts to diminish when your mind is a bit calmer.
Lorenza Veronica
Lorenza Veronica (female, 31)
How Fitness Helps Me Manage My Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism
I see a lot of people who run, Soulcycle, and so forth, and then they don’t have a stretching session. This is bad for one’s body. I try to stretch my body, other than yoga, several times a day, especially when I am stiff in the morning and before going to sleep with my daily meditation.
Andi Bañez
Andi Bañez (female, 30)
How I Moved from Dancing to Yoga and Became a Full-Time Yoga Teacher
I’ve been working on a routine where every morning after my morning meditation I do a workout and stick to it. I like doing short form workouts more now rather than long ones.
Viktoria Kay
Viktoria Kay (female, 36)
I'm a Model and Influencer. This is How I Maintain My Hourglass Figure
Professional massages and hot baths are great! Meditation as well; especially for setbacks! Sleep is also very important to me, I sleep a minimum of eight hours a night.
Austin Dotson
Austin Dotson (male, 28)
I'm a Hybrid Athlete and Influencer. This is How I Stay Fit After Football Retirement
I started training four years ago after retiring from professional football. I was lost and didn’t know what was next and that led to my passion for fitness and health. In my spare time, I enjoy photography, reading, and meditation.
Stevy Palar Montgomery
Stevy Palar Montgomery (female, 29)
How I Use My Education and Training to Help People to Stay Fit and Strong
I enjoy listening to motivational videos on YouTube, nothing specific though I usually just type in positive morning motivation and start my day off with that. I have recently delved into meditation and have been absolutely been loving intuitive meditation techniques.
Francesca Esker
Francesca Esker (female, 33)
How Fitness and Bodybuilding Helped Me Win 4 Muscle Beach Trophies
Patience, meditation, understanding, negotiating, and give back! Always be humble.
Chyl Robinson
Chyl Robinson (male, 27)
I Started Working Out at Age Four. This is How I Stay Disciplined and Motivated
I always use a pre workout. My current favorite is JAck3d. I take a scoop of that 30 minutes prior to workout. While stretching, I work on meditation. I enjoy having my protein in the form of an all fruit smoothie after my workout.
Gabriele de Biagi
Gabriele de Biagi (male, 29)
I Love Training! This is My Plan to Become a Better CrossFit Coach
A trick that helps me to stay on track is meditation (and visualization), I meditate every morning to calm my mind from anxiety and thoughts, so I can clear it and have awareness of what I am going to do that day.
Denise Guidry
Denise Guidry (female, 42)
I'm a Model and Fitness Coach. This is How I Became 4x Overall National Bikini Champion
I stay focused and motivated daily with visualization meditation and a health conscious diet. I also listen to EDM while I’m training.
Marie Luo
Marie Luo (female, 24)
I'm a Yoga and AcroYoga Teacher. This is How I Eat, Train and Practice
As yoga is different from fitness, there is no real need for complete rest days. It’s okay to do one day “only” meditation. For me, it’s not about pushing harder but keep on going, improving and learning.
Antonio Laborte
Antonio Laborte (male, 21)
I'm a Weightlifting Coach. This is How Fitness and Sports Impact My Life
I would say after some minor injuries and re-occurring sickness, I made the change to incorporate more rest days and take an active role in my recovery. I foam roll every two days, I stretch and do mindfulness meditation, and I take two to three rest days a week now, which seemed impossible when I was 17-18 years old, lol.
Jennifer Reece
Jennifer Reece (female, 42)
I'm an IFBB Figure Competitor. This is How Bodybuilding Gave Me Transformative Evolutions
I also do a lot of meditation and visualization so I can see the end result or the end goal as if it has already happened. Success starts in the mind.
Amanda Essen
Amanda Essen (female, 24)
I'm a Fitness Model, Coach, Athlete. This is How I Went from Weak to Strong
To learn myself, get up back again and meet new people, face new things and moments to share with others or alone. I love to have my own time and I always make sure I get my own meditation on the evening, just shut off everything and relax.
Nancy Di Nino
Nancy Di Nino (female, 47)
How I Train and Inspire Women to Reach their Health and Fitness Goals
What motivates me also is a day to myself to “re-balance and recharge” using meditation and visualization. Sundays are usually that day I slow down and take time to reflect. On myself and my personal growth.
Randalene Sergent
Randalene Sergent (female)
I'm a Bikini Champion and Track & Field Pole Vaulter. These are My Best Fitness Hacks
Preparation for training to me means music or meditation for mindset, proper gear, and hydration. If I’m a little hungry before I train, I skip the food and go train. Then after training, I focus on hydration and eat a good meal.
Fah Chatchaya Suthisuwan
Fah Chatchaya Suthisuwan (female, 30)
How I Got into Fitness and Learned Change Doesn't Come from Comfort
Every morning when I get up, I’ll make sure to do 2 things. A short 5min stretching session which I feel also helps my body get through the day and sit at my balcony to do a 5min bathing meditation which helps clear the mind.
Jenifer Lee
Jenifer Lee (female, 36)
How I Came Back to Bodybuilding After Recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Outside of that I enjoy writing, drawing, painting, playing music, travelling and reading. I practice meditation daily and always strive to learn more about the world.
Stiina Casandra
Stiina Casandra (female, 30)
How Yoga Has Made Me a Better Version of Myself
In general terms, I make sure to get enough sleep (around eight hours), eat clean foods and take suitable supplements for my body. I practice meditation, breathing techniques and restorative yoga to rest and recover. I also do hot/cold showers and the Wim Hof breathing technique to boost my immune system and well-being.
Csillag Sulyok
Csillag Sulyok (female, 40)
I'm an Ethical Vegan and Bikini Model. This is How I Eat, Train and Workout at 40
I regularly go to sauna for massage, even every 3-4 months to chiropractor. Thankfully, I did not have any serious injuries so far, probably because I focus on prevention, and this would be my advice to everyone: Avoid over exercising, take enough rest, mentally as well (meditation).
Maria Lee
Maria Lee (female, 33)
How I Went From Editor to Fitness Entrepreneur and Vegan Activist
I usually get 7-8.5 hours of sleep a night! It’s quite a ritual for me. I like to pick out a few crystals from my metaphysical collection to be my sleep buddies, and I turn my phone to airplane mode and drift off to a meditation, auric cleansing track.
Matteo Maximilian
Matteo Maximilian (male)
How I became a CEO, Plant-Based Athlete, and Wildlife Conservationist
Meditation and daily mindfulness exercises to first visualize how my body can undergo expansion before physically exerting energy.
Morgan Mitchell
Morgan Mitchell (female, 33)
How Training Makes Me Love the Way I Feel Physically and Mentally
When I’m not training I love to be on the beach. Paddle boarding (and coffee) is one of my favorite ways to start the morning. And I live for my meditation class that I go to pretty much every night.
Anita Perry
Anita Perry (female, 64)
How I Work as a Yogi, Author and Educator after 42 Years in Health and Fitness
For the last eight years, I have concentrated solely on YogaAnita which provides yoga, meditation instruction, and inspiration in the group, individual, corporate, and school settings.
Nidhi Mohan Kamal
Nidhi Mohan Kamal (female, 35)
I'm a Nutritionist, Strength and Yoga Trainer. This is How I Eat, Train, and Meditate
Along with training my body with strength training and yoga, I am also working a lot on training my mind with regular meditation. It’s an effort to train my mental muscles in order to prepare me for the journey ahead.
Sean Harley
Sean Harley (male, 40)
I'm the Founder of Rock Solid Nutrition, IFBB Pro and 12x Cover Model. This Is How I Stay Strong and Fit
I find that the regular practice of mindful meditation help strengthen my ability to recognize and separate myself from my thoughts. This allows me to take better control of those thoughts and to put myself into a more desirable state.
Lenda Murray
Lenda Murray (female, 57)
How I Kept Going Strong after Winning Ms. Olympia 8 Times
Daily meditation has allowed me to move through this life in peace and guides me through the challenges of my day. I sit quietly for 15 minutes and begin to inhale through my nose and exhale through my mouth.
Jay Campbell
Jay Campbell (male, 48)
I'm a Top Biohacking Expert. This Is How I Will Stay Fit at 50 and Beyond
To improve yourself from a mind body perspective, work on regularly performing inner work like meditation, contemplation, sun gazing, grounding, nature communing etc.
Marc Mullen
Marc Mullen (male, 38)
I'm a Vegan Personal Trainer and Fashion Model. This is How I Push and Motivate Myself and My Clients
As a former track runner, running is my meditation and usually some form of fartlek or intervals is incorporated. I can run a pretty decent 5 and 10k with PB’s of 17:24 & 37:32.
Tiago Guedes
Tiago Guedes (male, 36)
I Own a Gym. This Is How I Combine My Own Training with Training Clients
Another important area of my recovery is meditation. I try to do 10 to 30 minutes of meditation daily and since I started my energy, mental clairvoyance and sleep have changed for the better.
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson (male, 46)
I'm a CEO of a Supplement Company, Coach and IFBB Pro. This Is How I Eat, Train and Recover
I’ve got numerous certifications including nutrition, personal training, yoga and meditation. I’m also a very lucky husband and father to a fantastic 26-year-old son and a wonderful 15-week red toy poodle.
Mallory Reilly
Mallory Reilly (female, 27)
I Was Diagnosed with Depression at 13. This is How Fitness Helps to Regulate It
Moving empowered me. Clear your mind with running and meditation then continually challenge your self belief with strength training. That’s what worked for me. Feeling better made me want to help other people feel better too. My goal is to empower people to become physically and mentally stronger so they can live a high quality, fulfilling life.
Betty Ng
Betty Ng (female, 50)
How a Health Crisis Made Me Move from Finance to Full-time Fitness Training
My twice daily Vedic meditation is perhaps my secret weapon.
Phil Chubb
Phil Chubb (male, 28)
How Testing and Experimenting Helps Me in My Strength Training Journey
The biggest challenge I had was figuring out what to do with my free time when I went from training so frequently to training less frequently. But that challenge was fairly easy to overcome. I just picked up some new hobbies. I got more into martial arts, read more books, learned about skepticism and stoicism, developed a meditation habit, got into movies and gaming again, and so much more.
Damien Rider
Damien Rider (male, 44)
I'm a Poly Athlete. This Is How I Train to Do Extreme Sports Around the World
I’m created and author of a new, evolved form of meditation called, One Breath Meditation with New York Publishers and have a second book just about at publishing stage.
Sara Bigatti
Sara Bigatti (female, 28)
How I Went from Sales Consultant to Personal Trainer and Fitness Studio Owner
Do a bit of yoga, meditation and relaxation exercises. Book-in your stretching and lengthening and mobility time!
Roshni Sanghvi
Roshni Sanghvi (female, 30)
I'm a Plant-Based Sports Nutritionist. This is How I Train and Eat for Body Transformation
On a typical day, I wake up to meditation and make time for at least 30 minutes of reading. I love reading/learning and the books I mostly read are about plant-based lifestyle, fitness or mental health.
Scott Shetler
Scott Shetler (male, 44)
I'm a Vegan Strength Coach. This is How Fitness Has Been Part of My Life for 28 Years
I have noticed a big improvement with recovery due to my qigong and meditation practice and see huge decreases in my resting heart rate after these practices.
Tyrone Bell
Tyrone Bell (male, 38)
How I Went from Stuntman to Full-Time Bodybuilder and WBFF Fitness Model Pro
After breakfast, I’ll spend 15 – 20 minutes centering myself for the day and actually participate in a form of meditation or gentle yoga. I can’t tell you how much practicing mediation, mindfulness, and yoga has helped me in every aspect of my life – business, relations as well as my actual weight training itself from the point of view of improved focus and being truly present in every repetition I ever do.
Ingrid S. Clay
Ingrid S. Clay (female, 39)
I'm a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, and Plant-Based Chef. This is How Fitness Has Become My Meditation
I started on the heels of a divorce and I remember saying I just want to get in the best shape I can be in. And fitness and training was like a form of meditation for me as it allowed me to go somewhere else for a minute de-stress and it also helped me get stronger on the inside as well as the outside. I always say fitness brought me back.
Jae Griggs
Jae Griggs (male, 37)
At 237 Lbs, I'm One of the Biggest Vegan Bodybuilders. This Is How I Eat, Train and Get Big
My typical training day, hopefully I got a full night of sleep the night before. But during the week, I work out first thing in the morning. I wake up at 4:40 am. At 4:50 am I try to do at least 10 to 15 min of meditation.
Stefano Manassero
Stefano Manassero (male, 56)
How I Won Competitions, Retired for 17 Years and Then Made a Winning Come Back at 50+
As an over 55 athlete priority is to keep the body healthy inside and outside. I do get sport massage every 2 weeks and I do some form of meditation (mindfulness).
Kristyn Mahoney
Kristyn Mahoney (female, 25)
How I Went Vegan, Replaced 50 Lbs of Fat with Muscle and Became a Pro Bodybuilder
I’m a firm believer in mediation and unwinding for the mind. Just like our body needs proper fuel and rest, the mind does too! Finding that meditation time and recharging in the way that suits you best is critical.
Eric Leto
Eric Leto (male, 33)
How I Became a Vegan WBFF Pro Fitness Model and European Vice Champion
For me a workout is like meditation, you focus on your body and yourself with ass less stimulation as possible, so music, no training partner, no chats, it’s a time you take yourself, and only for yourself.
Alex Carneiro
Alex Carneiro (male, 31)
How My Motivation Has Changed the Way I Train, Eat and Recover
What I’ve learned is to develop skills and habits such as reading in the morning, small meditation breaks throughout the day, thinking about the state of my thoughts and analyzing how to change them at the right moment.

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