Stretching Routines

We have talked with 225 athletes who mention stretching.

Shammara Abdulkhaaliq
Shammara Abdulkhaaliq (female, 45)
How I Feel in Love with Bodybuilding and Became IFBB Pro
I was never injured. I take a rest day when my body tells me. I take regular massage, hyper volt, cupping, stretch, foam roll and I see a chiropractor regularly.
Fraser Wilson
Fraser Wilson (male, 23)
I'm a Fitness Influencer. This is How I Eat and Train to Get Accelerated Results
To help with recovery and avoid injuries, I will do full body stretching three times per week and see a myotherapist a handful of times a year or whenever is necessary.
Kwesi Orr
Kwesi Orr (male, 37)
I'm an Entrepreneur Bodybuilder. This is How I Eat and Train to Become Awesome
I always try to do warm up sets and stretch to prevent injuries. But most importantly, you just need to listen to your body. Showing off is the easiest way to get an injury.
Bianca Solo
Bianca Solo (female, 25)
How Fitness Helped to Overcome My Postpartum Depression
I also stretch AFTER every single workout. This is a habit that came from my years in dance, and I’ve carried it with me ever since.
Sebastian J. Flowers
Sebastian J. Flowers (male, 31)
I’m a Transman Bodybuilder. This is How Fitness and Diet Helped Me to Transition from Female to Male
I always have to change after cardio. I’m always soaked ha ha. I love it. Then I’d change, stretch, and go lift weights.
Lesley Maxwell
Lesley Maxwell (female, 63)
I am 63. This is How I've Competed and Won Over 30 Fitness Titles
Plus, I always stretch between exercises and have the added benefit of stretching with my clients when I’m going through a stretching routine with them.
Adam Kuncicki
Adam Kuncicki (male, 25)
How I Work as a Vegan Bodybuilder and Supplement Ambassador
And on a daily basis, I care about the regeneration of sleep, which always lasts 8 hours, I go to a physiotherapist, do sea work (bathing in cold water in the winter for example in the lake) or take cold showers, stretch, roll and use supplements from, “Siła Roślin”.
Lynn Montoya
Lynn Montoya (female, 50)
How I Made Fitness Part of My Life and Now Train 20+ Times a Week
I’ve recently implemented a nightly stretching routine to help keep my muscles and tendons loose and limber. If my muscles are tight, I’ll foam roll; if there are knots, I’ll use my backnobber to apply deep pressure to the trigger points, along with Souljah CBD Intensive Relief Rub Lotion with Emu Oil.
Pietro Lauro
Pietro Lauro (male, 23)
I'm a Natural Bodybuilder. This is How Bodybuilding Helps Me Control My Anxiety
As for recovery modalities, I will stretch usually 15-20 minutes about three to four times a week. Sometimes, if necessary, I will roll on a lacrosse ball, tennis ball, or Tune Up Alpha ball for a little myofascial release before getting into my stretching routine.
Peng-Peng Lee
Peng-Peng Lee (female, 26)
How I Stayed in Gymnastics after the Olympics and the World Championships
However, every day started with a conditioning circuit to warm up our bodies. This included plyometrics and bodyweight exercises. We would spend 20 minutes of a running circuit that included a mix of leg exercises, core, and upper body. After the 20-minute cardio warmup, we would stretch for about 10 minutes, starting with our necks and working our way down to our ankles.
Victoria Brady
Victoria Brady (female, 32)
I'm a Certified Personal Trainer. This is How I Went from 275 to 155 Pounds
On my rest days, I focus on stretching and massaging my muscles to alleviate any soreness and to minimize the chances of injuries (or overtraining).
Antonio Laborte
Antonio Laborte (male, 21)
I'm a Weightlifting Coach. This is How Fitness and Sports Impact My Life
I would say after some minor injuries and re-occurring sickness, I made the change to incorporate more rest days and take an active role in my recovery. I foam roll every two days, I stretch and do mindfulness meditation, and I take two to three rest days a week now, which seemed impossible when I was 17-18 years old, lol.
Goran Borkovic
Goran Borkovic (male, 32)
How I Made a Remarkable Comeback to Bodybuilding After a Serious Motorcycle Accident
If you want to avoid the negative effects of exercising like soreness or tiredness, you should give your body what it needs. Stretch your muscles after a workout, hydrate them and give them food. That’s a minimum you should provide for proper results.
Amanda Essen
Amanda Essen (female, 24)
I'm a Fitness Model, Coach, Athlete. This is How I Went from Weak to Strong
I need to stretch, train movement and mobility training regularly. I use supplements like magnesium and msm that helps me to recover and keep my joints good. I mostly stretch myself at home, but when I got too much pain I go for deep tissue massage.
Nancy Di Nino
Nancy Di Nino (female, 47)
How I Train and Inspire Women to Reach their Health and Fitness Goals
In order to avoid injuries, I make sure to foam roll and stretch as much as I can. I also get regular massages.
Simone Collins
Simone Collins (female, 33)
I'm a Vegan Bodybuilder. This is How I Eat, Train and Compete
Get good sleep! I use GABA supplements to help me sleep. Also stretching, dynamic bodyweight movements, low impact cardio and good nutrition are all keys to recovery, as are the points mentioned above! I’ve already mentioned other supplements I use, PranaON has an awesome range and all the information about their various supplements are online at
Olivia Eze
Olivia Eze (female, 26)
How I Stopped Eating Junk Food and Became a Fit Personal Trainer
And in order to avoid injuries during training, I make sure I perform every exercise correctly from before adding weights, and I usually stretch for about 7 minutes before training and 10-15 minutes after training.
Caitlin Rice
Caitlin Rice (female, 28)
This Is How I Found My Calling Through Fitness
Honestly, I have a hard time “resting”. I do make sure that I listen to my body and take the precautions needed to avoid injury. I have implemented a strict stretching routine to help me avoid injury, work on my flexibility, decrease muscle stiffness, and improve my posture.
Tebogo Mashalane
Tebogo Mashalane (male, 31)
How I Train Professional Soccer Players to Become Conditioned and Fit
Light crank cycle- 5min and upper body stretch
Maya Nassar Maalouf
Maya Nassar Maalouf (female, 33)
How I Train to Become an International Fitness Model Champion
I don’t do any foam rolling or massage for recovery as my body is quite sensitive and I feel sometimes it makes the pain worse. I simply take time to rest, do light cardio or do some stretching.
Nathan Joseph
Nathan Joseph (male, 28)
How I Went from the Aesthetic Side to the Mental Aspect of Training
I’m a massive advocate of listening to my body. If I feel like I can’t train for whatever reason (very rarely), I’ll change the workout and do an active recovery session, walk, stretch, foam roll just to keep everything moving without any strenuous exercise!
Randalene Sergent
Randalene Sergent (female)
I'm a Bikini Champion and Track & Field Pole Vaulter. These are My Best Fitness Hacks
Right now, training is going well. I get a good morning wakeup call from my dogs to eat and stretch. When it’s nice outside we do cardio together. They run and I ride my bike or rollerblade.
Rashid Zirak
Rashid Zirak (male, 38)
I'm a Strength and Conditioning Coach. This is How I Eat, Train and Play
We use many techniques for recovery. Sometimes I’d get a massage, pool session, progressive muscle relaxation, ice bath, and stretching.
Caroline Klebl
Caroline Klebl (female, 42)
How I Got into Yoga and Have Been Teaching for Over 20 Years
It is important to practice yoga on an empty stomach, since many yoga poses compress, stretch and twist the abdomen.
Nikki Howard
Nikki Howard (female, 28)
I'm a Model and Actress. This is How I Eat, Train and Stay Motivated and Confident
One of my biggest challenges is taking the time to give back to my body. I always give myself enough time for my workout but I’m working on making sure I give myself enough time before and after to stretch and foam roll.
Allison Vaeth
Allison Vaeth (female, 28)
I'm an IFBB Bikini Pro. How I Train People to Become Successful in the Bodybuilding World
I can’t preach this enough: Listen to how your body feels all the time. I talked about this briefly before but I walk, roll, and stretch before every single workout. I also walk and stretch post lift. I add in yoga once a week and take rest days when I know I need them with one always scheduled in.
Fah Chatchaya Suthisuwan
Fah Chatchaya Suthisuwan (female, 30)
How I Got into Fitness and Learned Change Doesn't Come from Comfort
Every morning when I get up, I’ll make sure to do 2 things. A short 5min stretching session which I feel also helps my body get through the day and sit at my balcony to do a 5min bathing meditation which helps clear the mind.
Tony DiNinno
Tony DiNinno (male, 52)
I'm a Competitive Bodybuilder and Fitness Model. This is How I Train, Eat and Recover
Recovery is a big aspect of bodybuilding and being older it does take longer for me. I have found with proper nutrition and rest it helps with my recovery. I always do warm up sets and stretch to prevent injuries. I have used deep tissue massage and foam rolling also.
Bonolo Mahlangu
Bonolo Mahlangu (female, 26)
How Fitness Made Me Feel Comfortable In My Own Skin
Before every workout, I warm up for 30 minutes and stretching (downward dog, crescent cose, child’s pose, figure 4, etc.) for 20 to 30 minutes after every workout that helps with preventing injuries.
Carla Dunlap-Kaan
Carla Dunlap-Kaan (female, 65)
I'm an IFBB Ms. Olympia Champion. This is How I Eat, Train and Stay Strong at 65
When available, I also do the ballet barre stretch syllabus from my old dance days. I train all over the place. I have a full Pilates studio in my home and do my yoga where ever the ambiance is conducive to peace and quiet.
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth (female, 20)
I'm a Model, Actress and Personal Trainer. This is How I Eat, Train and Stay Fit
My workout split does vary but typically I train legs three times a week and upper body twice a week, which leaves two days free… which can be for rest/stretching/abs… there are many days where I am in the gym daily.
Gustavo White
Gustavo White (male, 59)
I'm 59. This Is How Fitness Became a Way of Life
You must always start your workouts with a warm-up/stretch exercises and close your session with stretch/cool-down exercises, it helps you to reduce the risk of injury, to improve your athletic performance, provide more flexibility to your body and will help counter the tightening of the body that comes with age.
Hanah Fjelddahl
Hanah Fjelddahl (female, 23)
How I Became a Pro Ballet Dancer and Now Teach Ballet as a Form of Fitness
I don’t take any supplements, but I usually stretch well before and after working out.
Joe Seeman
Joe Seeman (male, 28)
How I Made the Leap From Amateur to IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
For me a typical day of training is steady state cardio first thing in the morning, followed by core work and stretching to ensure I stay mobile and injury free.
Francesca Lauren
Francesca Lauren (female, 38)
I'm an IFBB Bikini Pro. This is How Fitness Became a Huge Part of My Life
It could be I need to stretch more, foam role or paying more attention to my form for muscle imbalances, get more sleep, etc. I just listen to my body to seek professional help when needed.
Krista Stryker
Krista Stryker (female, 33)
How I Train Effectively and Founded the 12 Minute Athlete
I also stretch and foam roll regularly to keep up my flexibility and mobility and prioritize sleep and good nutrition.
Sandy Lieu
Sandy Lieu (female, 32)
How Fitness Makes My Life Full, Beautiful and Happy
Slow and controlled. Mind/muscle connection. Breathe. Stretch.
Csillag Sulyok
Csillag Sulyok (female, 40)
I'm an Ethical Vegan and Bikini Model. This is How I Eat, Train and Workout at 40
To stay focused, I always train on my own and preferably do it first thing in the morning, and on an empty stomach. This way my body is rested, not busy with digestion, etc. I prefer to exercise about 50 minutes – rather intense, than being able to go on for hours. I always warm up and save enough time for stretching (at least 10-15 minutes).
Tamoor Arif
Tamoor Arif (male, 36)
How I Stay Consistent to Reach My Bodybuilding Goals
I always recommend my clients and other people to focus on your mobility and stretching, it helps a lot for your joint to move freely during workout.
Aleksi Paju
Aleksi Paju (male, 33)
Here's Why Weightlifting and Strength Training Make Me Stronger and Better
I do a proper warm up before every workout to prevent injuries. I use a machine like rowing, treadmill, etc. for five to 10 minutes and then I do active stretching for five minutes, holding the stretch no longer than three seconds to activate the muscles and nerves. The muscle response is better when your body is warmed up and ready for a workout.
Maria Lee
Maria Lee (female, 33)
How I Went From Editor to Fitness Entrepreneur and Vegan Activist
I recently started doing what I call Tabata-inspired sprints as a warmup, and a really nice stretch sesh after each workout. After my bikini shows in 2018, I decided to make flexibility and mobility my next area of improvement, to undo all the rigidity that bodybuilding training can cause. It’s been a little over a year of consistent stretching and mobility work and I’m my most fluid and bendy yet, even inspiring my male friends to focus on more stretching themselves!
Belinda Norton
Belinda Norton (female, 43)
I Have Written 5 Books about Fitness and Training. This Is How I Stay Fit and Healthy Myself
Stretch is key to overall health and many refuse to take the 5 minutes but it is truly to difference-maker to all bodies.
Donna McGinn
Donna McGinn (female, 56)
I'm an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder. This is How I Build My Muscles and Compete After Age 50
Being a massage therapist myself I know how to do a lot of self-care for overly tight muscles, trigger points and facia stretching. I even try to give myself better muscle separation.
Anne Navarro
Anne Navarro (female, 40)
How Continuous Self-improvement and Development Helps Me Get Better and Stronger
Recovery: I’ll use my Hypervolt (massage gun), do yoga and foam roll. I’ll lay on my acupressure mat as well for recovery. Stretching every day is important to me.
Yaxeni Oriquen
Yaxeni Oriquen (female, 53)
How I Have Trained for 30 Years and Won Both Ms Olympia and the Arnold Classic
I do a lot of stretching and rest. To avoid injuries, I always keep control of the weight during the movement. The best way to recover is rest and pay close attention if I feel any muscle or ligament pain during training.
Tim Conde
Tim Conde (male, 26)
How I Keep Going and Continuously Build a Bigger and Better Physique
If there is ever a time where I am injured, I take the necessary precautions so that I can get back to my normal workout routine. While I am injured, I make sure to properly warm up my body with some brisk cardio and stretch before a workout.
Allison Ethier
Allison Ethier (female, 42)
How My Fear of Aging Keeps Me Motivated, Really Fit and Competitive
I stretch often as well, and foam roll at least 4-5x per week. It is part of my training so I don’t have to make extra time for it.
Matteo Maximilian
Matteo Maximilian (male)
How I became a CEO, Plant-Based Athlete, and Wildlife Conservationist
I rarely take off-weeks & usually spend 5-10 minutes deep stretching before beginning a workout.
Terrance Brown
Terrance Brown (male, 30)
How I Work as a Personal Trainer and Film a Fitness Documentary
Stretch for 15 mins
Morgan Mitchell
Morgan Mitchell (female, 33)
How Training Makes Me Love the Way I Feel Physically and Mentally
I train five to six days a week for 1.5-2 hours a day. I start with foam rolling and light stretching before I left. I save deeper stretching for after my workout.
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