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The website bulkhackers.com is referred to as Bulk Hackers on this page.


Cookies are tiny files that are stored in your browser, so your computer, smartphone, tablet etc. can be recognized on repeated visits to Bulk Hackers.

By visiting Bulk Hackers, you accept this cookie and privacy policy + our use of cookies for the following purposes:

  • To make the site work.
  • The measure and analyse traffic using Google Analytics and for measuring and analyzing how visitors use the site. You can opt-out of cookies from Google Analytics here.
  • Targeting and tracking of advertisments from Google Adsense, Amazon and selected affiliate networks.
  • Sharing of content on Facebook, Twitter and other social medias.

Cookies make it possible to collect information about how you use Bulk Hackers. For example when you visit Bulk Hackers, how much time you spend on the site and how you use the site (what pages you are visiting, how much time you spend on each page etc.)

Cookies make it possible to see if you have visited Bulk Hackers before. They also make it possible to see what browser, screen resolution and operation system you are using + your IP-number etc.

By visiting Bulk Hackers, you accept that we potentially use the collected information to target you with our advertising and marketing.

You can disable cookies in your browser and thereby avoid cookies on your computer etc. If you do so, you should be aware that Bulk Hackers might not work as expected.

You can delete existing cookies from your computer. How you do that depends on your browser etc.

Provided information

Besides cookies, Bulk Hackers collect information that you provide yourself. You can for example provide information by commenting on the content on Bulk Hackers, by contacting us through our contact form or by communicating with us by mail, phone etc.

Privacy protection

We prioritize to fulfill the GDPR requirements, so here’s a short explanation of how we process, store and protect personal information. Our personal policy covers the information you provide and the information that is collected through the use of our site.

Provided information is stored on computers with restricted access. These computers are located in controlled facilities at a selected hosting company.

It is unfortunately not possible to guarantee 100% security, so there is always a risk that someone else get unauthorized access to your information. You must therefore be aware that you provide personal information at your own responsibility.

You are always welcome to contact us in case you want us to delete your personal information. You can also contact us to learn more about the personal information we have stored or to get any wrong information corrected (you may be asked to prove your identity if you contact us about this).

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