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Fitness Quotes API

The interviews here on Bulk Hackers are filled with great fitness quotes. Many of them are super inspiring and motivating, which is why we dedicated our Instagram to sharing the best quotes.

But maybe you can use the quotes in some other context that we haven’t thought of, so we have create a little quotes API that is free to use.

To use it, you just send a GET request like towards https://bulkhackers.wpengine.com/wp-json/bulk-hackers/get-quotes

The parameters are:

  • search (required*) – term you want to search for, i.e. a word you want in the quotes. For example “exercise” is you are looking for quotes containing the word “exercise”.
  • name (required*) – name you want to search for, i.e. the name of the person who is author of the quotes you are looking for. For example “alex” if you are looking for quotes made by someone named Alex.
  • tag (required*) – tag you want to search for, i.e. the type of quote authors you are looking for. For example “crossfit” if you are looking for quotes made by people who mention crossfit in their interviews.
  • access (required) – your personal access key. We are currently not giving out new access keys. Sorry about that.
  • limit – if you only want a few quotes back.

*) Either search, name or tag is required. You can also use these three parameters in combination. For example search and tag. The access key is always required.

Some examples:


The quotes are returned as a JSON array. Like this:

“id”: “948”,
“image”: “https://bulkhackers.wpengine.com/wp-content/quotes/948-4055-instagram.png”,
“name”: “Danny Walker”,
“quote”: “Becoming a great trainer isn’t about learning 10,000 different exercises.”,
“url”: “https://bulkhackers.wpengine.com/danny-walker/”
“id”: “942”,
“image”: “https://bulkhackers.wpengine.com/wp-content/quotes/942-4034-instagram.png”,
“name”: “April RaQuel”,
“quote”: “A lighter diet, frequent exercise and adequate sleep/rest.”,
“url”: “https://bulkhackers.wpengine.com/april-raquel/”
“id”: “622”,
“image”: “https://bulkhackers.wpengine.com/wp-content/quotes/622-2310-instagram.png”,
“name”: “Allie Edwards”,
“quote”: “Now my “medication” is exercise!”,
“url”: “https://bulkhackers.wpengine.com/allie-edwards/”
“id”: “146”,
“image”: “https://bulkhackers.wpengine.com/wp-content/quotes/146-2142-instagram.png”,
“name”: “Stan Efferding”,
“quote”: “I don’t do exercises that hurt.”,
“url”: “https://bulkhackers.wpengine.com/stan-efferding/”

When you use the quotes, make sure that you link back to the interview where the quote comes from (i.e. that you link to the matching url in the JSON).

The images are in the JSON are the same as we use on our Instagram. Feel free to use them on your own Instagram etc.

When you call the API, it’s recommended that you go for the basic form of your search terms to get as many quotes back as possible. For example, you will get more quotes back if you search for term = “exercise” than if you search for term = “exercising”. Same if you search for tag = “crossfit” instead of tag = “crossfitters”, etc.

Be aware that requests are limited to 1 request per 10 seconds. Also be aware that we can’t guarantee that the uptime of the API etc., so contact us first if you need to use the API in a production environment.