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We have talked with 2 athletes who mention and reviews PEAK supplements.

Carissa Joy Johnson (Monroe)
Carissa Joy Johnson (Monroe) (female, 34)
How I Made a Miraculous Comeback in Bodybuilding Following a Horrific Accident
To add, I’m blessed to be a sponsored athlete and cover model and currently only rep for my absolutely favorite supplements, HMB, BetaTOR and Peak ATP as my time is limited with motherhood and work and time for social media is rare.
Deniz Yozkan
Deniz Yozkan (male, 18)
How I Choose Fitness over Martial Arts and Professional Fighting
I also do a scoop of a pump product (PEAK Epic Pump – it’s literally the best pump product with the absolute proper dosages I’ve seen. I can put my name on this product, well done PEAK).
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